Call of Duty League Pros Speak Out After More In-Game Errors

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Call of Duty League Pros Speak Out After More In-Game Errors

The London Royal Ravens vs Dallas Empire series saw yet another in-game error which caused a delay, lets just say the pros were not happy.

During the qualifier match between the London Royal Ravens and Dallas Empire, Skrapz seemed to leave the game after round one of the Search and Destroy. Following this he rejoined the game ready for round three, however by that time the score was 1-1. In a since deleted tweet, Skrapz showed how he went to change class and was kicked out from the game.

While it is unknown why he deleted the tweet, it's speculated that he may have been fined. Especially considering other players' comments surrounding fines this season. In addition to this error, players on both teams were visibly lagging. You could see the red squares which indicate packet loss on their codcaster view.

The CDL’s response

Dallas went on to win the Search and Destroy 6-4 and then we went to the usual break between maps one and two. However, this break lasted much longer, 33 minutes to be exact. This made many fans confused, speculating if they were changing servers or going to replay the map. Eventually, the CDL decided to replay the Search and Destroy from a scoreline of 5-4. While this may look good, giving London a chance to win back the round they lost through the error with Skrapz. There are more complications with this than you may think.

As they replayed the game, the teams were not playing on the same attacking or defending sides as before. This means that the final round sides would be a straight swap as usual instead of a decision based on score.

The Players respond

This was not the only talking point from yesterday's matches. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles were dominated by the Toronto Ultra, being 50 point clubbed on Hackney Yard Hardpoint. However, it was yet again the confusing Modern Warfare spawns which let down OGLA in map three.

Slasher shows here how OGLA hold both A and B, with Toronto players on C yet for some reason a Toronto player spawns at A. Many fans and players understand how ridiculous this is. The fact that teams have to constantly watch their position on the map; making sure they don’t push one player up too high. Just in case they cause one of these spawns.

Scump, a player which some may see as the face of competitive Call of Duty has been fined for his comments on the game this year. Octane joins him on this list as he says he will “pay to speak his mind”. While it is rumored that many more have received fines. The CDL continues tonight, and while Call of Duty succeeds as a franchise, the competitive scene slowly loses hope.

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