Call of Duty: Atlanta FaZe Awarded a Free Map After London Player AFK

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Call of Duty: Atlanta FaZe Awarded a Free Map After London Player AFK

Atlanta FaZe go 1-0 up against the London Royal Ravens after being awarded a free map one

The first game of the Florida Mutineers home series saw the Atlanta FaZe take on the London Royal Ravens. Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall was not seen on his player cam pre-game. Once map one started, the London Royal Ravens players started team killing, indicating there was an issue. Atlanta FaZe accrued Hardpoint time going 114-0 up before London gained a point. This prompted many tweets to question what is going on. Call of Duty League commentator Maven asked “Uhhhhhhh wtf is going on.” He wasn't the only, as many other CDL pros asked the same thing.

After losing the map 250-104 Skrapz responded to the incident on Twitter. Atlanta FaZe head coach Crowder said that they were unable to do anything about the situation. According to CoD Gamepedia, they asked to replay and were overruled by the admins. The Call of Duty League requires a $25 Million buy-in for all teams. Still, the admins and referees seem to struggle to handle any problems in-game such as lag or this AFK issue. The response has been negative with fellow pro Apathy stating that “all competitive integrity is lost.” London Royal Ravens win the SnD 6-1 and the series stands tied at 1-1.

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