Blockchain and Video Games, a New Frontier for Gaming

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Blockchain and Video Games, a New Frontier for Gaming

The world of gaming is evolving more and more over the past few years. In order to arrive at the great glories of the present, various technologies have been used over time which have allowed constant evolution. In recent years, one of the most interesting inventions that are starting to reach stability even within the gaming world is the blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is a type of data structure made up of several “blocks” joined together. Each block contains the information of the previous block, in order to create a chain of blocks. One of the most important characteristics of the blockchain is the fact that it is equipped with irreversible transactions; this means that the data of a block cannot be changed without also changing those within the entire structure. Another very important thing is the fact that the blockchain makes use of decentralized registers, i.e. registers that are shared (but not modified) also with other blocks.

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Blockchain and video games

Until a few years ago, this technology was mainly used in the field of cryptocurrencies, but today it has expanded its borders to the world of video games. Several companies have begun to invest in this sector and have managed to carve out a fair share of the market, which has guaranteed revenue. Just think of the first experiments, such as CryptoKitties and Axie Infinity, with the second title being considered one of the most successful blockchain-based video games up to now.

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There are, of course, experiments carried out by major development houses, such as Ubisoft, which has decided to invest in this sector and has already proposed its first version of this technology. Shortly before launching the Ubisoft Quartz platform (dedicated to NFTs for the PC version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint), the same company had started funding Animosa Brands, one of the leading companies in the creation of blockchain-based video games. Unfortunately, Ubisoft's experiment did not have the desired effect and the French software house had to close the project prematurely. In any case, the CEO himself has announced his intention to continue investing in this sector, making the company a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance.

Among the large companies in the world of video games, the French one is not the only one that has seen an interest in this new technology. Even the Japanese Square Enix, over the last three years, has shown strong interest in everything related to NFTs and the blockchain, with Yosuke Matsuda underlining on several occasions, thanks to letters written by him and published on the official website, that the company intends to be part of this new evolution.

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The advantages of the Blockchain

Blockchain technology can undoubtedly contribute to giving various advantages to the video game sector, both for the developers themselves and for the players who use the final product.

  • Play-to-Earn: the blockchain introduces the concept of “playing to earn” into the world of gaming, something that until now had been seen as little or nothing. Players can earn both cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which can then be traded or turned into real money.
  • Secure transactions: given the structure of the blockchain and thanks to the use of smart contracts, all transactions that are carried out within a game that uses this technology are to be considered secure.
  • Ownership: the blockchain makes it possible to claim the right to actually own something within a game, thanks to the use of NFTs that identify unique objects that can be traced back to their legitimate owner.
  • Interoperability: another positive aspect to consider is, in fact, interoperability. Players can transfer the items they own between different games and platforms, creating a true multiverse.
  • Governance: some games have begun to experiment with a new development strategy, thanks to which the players themselves suggest ideas to the developers in order to create something unique.
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These are just some of the advantages that the blockchain can provide to video games and it is precisely for this reason that it is a constantly expanding and evolving sector, with more or less small development teams that are experimenting and creating games based on this revolutionary technology. Blockchain can definitely be considered a new frontier for the gaming industry.

Blockchain and Video Games, a New Frontier for Gaming
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