BlizzCon Rewards for BlizzCon 2023 Revealed

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BlizzCon Rewards for BlizzCon 2023 Revealed
BlizzCon Rewards for BlizzCon 2023 Revealed let's take a look at the value on offer.

BlizzCon is almost here, which means Blizzard has dropped a number of rewards that fans can purchase. One difference this time, however, is that BlizzCon is completely free to watch, so the rewards are purely optional. As a result, we'd expected Blizzard to go big on rewards, but have they fumbled the bag a little?

BlizzCon Rewards


So, above you can see some of the rewards for the Epic Pack (full list below and the mount on the left is not part of it sorry). It's the standard stuff, a pet in WoW, a toy, a D4 mount, Credits in Overwatch and the Hearthstone card back. But at $30 it's a steep price to pay, when the event is free.

Epic Pack ($29.99 USD)

Enjoy these items from multiple games in addition to receiving a 10% discount off one item in the Blizzard Gear Store (restrictions apply):
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: new Ysergle pet and the Chilling Celebration Banner toy
  • Diablo IV: the ferocious Lapisvein Mount, the Cobalt Ensign Mount Trophy, and the Demon-Mother Countenance Mount Trophy*
  • Overwatch 2: 1,000 credits, a Murky weapon charm, and a mystery name card**
  • Hearthstone: a BlizzCon 2023 card back, 5 Standard packs, and 5 Golden Standard packs
  • Warcraft Rumble: the Murloc Kobold portrait and skin

BlizzCon Rewards – Legendary Pack full of fluff?

Blizzcon rewards 2023

Now to the Legendary Pack, you can see the full list above, but it feels a little lacking. Obviously, we get some new transmogs in Diablo 4, another mount, a skin for Overwatch and a new unique mount model for WoW… the main “value” here comes from the Diablo 4 Season Pass and Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. For the extra $20 you're getting probably an extra $50 in value on top, it almost feels like the Epic Pack is a bit of a bait to get people to buy the Legendary Pack. Obviously, value is very subjective, because if you don't play Overwatch or Diablo 4 then the season passes are mostly useless to you anyway, but these packs are for Blizzard “fans” in general.

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Regardless, it technically offers good value as a bundle of stuff, though with BlizzCon being free this year it's worth keeping that in mind.

Legendary Pack ($49.99 USD)

Level up to this bundle to get everything in the Epic Pack plus:
  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: the Bound Blizzard flying mount
  • Diablo IV: the fearsome Midnight Harness Mount Armor* and a Premium Battle Pass redeemable for any one season*
  • Overwatch 2: the Drowned Warrior Sigma Epic skin as well as a Season 7 Premium Battle Pass
  • Hearthstone: a mystery Signature Legendary card***
  • Warcraft Rumble: the Murloc Tower skin

*Limitations apply. See the store page for more details.
**Available starting November 3
***Available in November

Secure the Epic Pack to obtain these hellishly resplendent cosmetics in Diablo IV:

  • Lapisvein Mount*
  • Cobalt Ensign Mount Trophy*
  • Demon-Mother Countenance Mount Trophy*

For those looking for increased access to Seasonal exclusives and a mount fitted to endure the most fearsome of nights, the Legendary Pack includes:

  • Midnight Harness Mount Armor*
  • Premium Battle Pass** (redeemable for any one season)
BlizzCon Rewards for BlizzCon 2023 Revealed
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