Bethesda Revealed Some Details About Starfield’s Ships

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Bethesda Revealed Some Details About Starfield’s Ships

With a long interview published on the official Starfield website, Zachary Wilson, lead level designer of the game, has released some interesting information about the legendary ships and explorable wrecks that will be present in the game. But the information doesn't stop there. Below, we have collected some of the most important questions, but if you want to read the full interview, we suggest you visit the official website.

Zachary Wilson talks about Starfield

Responding to the question of what his favorite space activities or encounters were, the Bethesda level lead designer said the following, also revealing some interesting details about the game, which will surely entice players more.

“There are a couple that I really like, but that I don't want to talk about until the game is out so as not to spoil the surprise for the players. An encounter that I have always liked is the one with a poor tour guide who leads on a tour space a handful of tourists excited by the idea of meeting a “real captain”. The dialogues are hilarious. Then there are the encounters with the legendary ships, huge enemy aircraft of very high level that at the beginning of the game outclass that of the player. To defeat them, you will have to go a long way…

Plus I like our abandoned ships. We have manually crafted some abandoned ships to highlight the dangers and tragedies that can occur in space travel, and the player will be able to discover their stories by exploring them. The beauty is that for these stories we asked for input from people outside the design team, so colleagues who normally do not participate specifically in the creation of content were able to leave a concrete mark on the game in this sense too. One of our designers, Kris Takahashi, who has a background in the mod scene, has designed several very exciting ship encounters.”

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Among other general questions, another pops up asking him what a favorite aspect of the game he's working on is, and here's his answer.

“There is a moment at the beginning of the Union Colonial quest line where we present a certain creature in a very cinematic way. space encounters that are the kind of thing only found in Bethesda games. I'm not saying anything so as not to spoil the surprise.”

In short, as we have known for a long time now, Starfield has all the credentials to look like a real masterpiece. Now the wait is winding down: all those who have pre-ordered the game will be able to play it starting from September 1st thanks to the Early Acess, while everyone else will be able to take part in this space adventure starting from September 6th (also thanks to Xbox Game Passes). Finally, we remind you that the reviews of the game will be available online starting August 31st, so we have to wait just a few more days before we can find out what the international press thinks about it.


Bethesda Revealed Some Details About Starfield’s Ships
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