Best Yorick Counters League of Legends

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Best Yorick Counters League of Legends

Do you need help to lane against Yorick in League of Legends? Not to worry, here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

Yorick is a very unique champion in League of Legends. He likely has some of the lowest team proximity of any champion in the game, thanks to his kit which turns him into the ultimate split pusher. Combine that with Hullbreaker, why would you want to team up when you can cause chaos on your own?

The question is, how do you beat down Yorick in lane so that he does not turn into that split push machine? ESTNN is here to bring you the three best champions to pick against Yorick in League of Legends.

Best Yorick Counters in LoL


Although it will be hard to kill Yorick once he has ultimate up, Olaf is a very good laner into him and should be able to apply a good amount of pressure. Try to avoid getting hit by his E, this will slow you down, and you will take a considerable amount of damage in the process.

Farm the wave as best as you can with your axe, this should provide a good poke onto Yorick. Don’t be scared to go for a fight before level six. Olaf does more damage the lower his health gets, so this is probably your best opportunity to fight with your Ghost summoner spell. On top of that, later into the game you will win out in the 1v1 if he tries to match you in the split push.

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The URF Warwick skin, featuring the wolf Champion in a manatee suit

Yorick vs. Warwick is a healing battle in League of Legends. You absolutely need to avoid his E at all times; otherwise, you will struggle to trade well into him because he will constantly apply pressure under your turret as he farms with his Q.

You can also surprise Yorick by taking barrier, this is often a very good Summoner Spell for Warwick because it allows you to get a second wind as such, and will often catch the enemy Top Laner off guard. Your trail should allow you to constantly be in range of him if his health is low enough, and your ultimate should heal you enough to win if you did not take too much damage early on.


Trundle is arguably the best counter to Yorick in League of Legends right now. Although Yorick has very good healing in his kit, Trundle can out-sustain this with his abilities. Early on, you want to apply as much pressure as possible, he will eventually have very annoying poke with his E plus passive, so the key is to wind him down and inflict as much damage as possible.

You can easily break his cage with you Q plus an auto attack. Once that is down, he will likely look to back away. This is where you can turn the tables on him by using your pillar on him to slow him down. If you can avoid his E, you will be fine playing against Yorick in the Top Lane.

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Worst Champion To Pick Into Yorick In League of Legends

K’Sante has the worst win-rate on patch 14.6 against Yorick according to mobalytics. A good K’Sante should be able to play into Yorick fine, especially in the early levels. The key in this match for Yorick is to simply scale up and don’t get too close to him when he has his ultimate, as his true damage will be able to chip through the healing Yorick will bring to the table through his ult.

Use your E to poke him down, but only when the Ghouls are available, they will widdle him down low enough that he will have to go back to base. Make sure to maximise items to help with your healing, K’Sante, if he is smart enough, will buy Grevious Wounds to counter you, so play around that and you should be fine.

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According to Mobalytics, here are the best champions to play with Yorick in League of Legends on patch 14.4. Please note that this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Rumble
  • Gwen
  • Talon

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