6 Best WoW Classic Hardcore Duos for leveling

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6 Best WoW Classic Hardcore Duos for leveling

Check out our Best WoW Classic Hardcore Duos, and prepare for your hardcore adventure with a friend.

You're going to need your wits about you when you step into Classic Hardcore; hopefully, this WoW Classic Hardcore tier list helps you on that journey. Our goal here is to look at duo play (You can see our solo guide here). We'll also give some reasoning for each, but consider that even the “worst” class can be done; it just might take more time and planning.

Best WoW Classic Hardcore Duos

We won't do this as a tier list, rather we'll take a look at 6 of the best combos you can play in Classic Hardcore. Though, it's worth noting that literally, any duo is going to be better than solo, so just play what you like. The ideal would be just to play two classes that can share a starting area.

Warrior and Paladin

What the Warrior lacks, the Paladin brings. In this melee powerhouse, you'll smash anyone that gets in your way. While you both require the same gear, that shouldn't be a huge issue, given the slower pace of leveling in Hardcore. It's probably best because that way, you can fully focus on mail/plate and sell everything else.

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Warrior and Priest

If there was a trend in duos, it has to be “Pair me with anyone and I might have a chance” – Warrior players. Look, some of us just need a healer, and honestly, if you pair Warrior + healer, you'll be doing good. TLDR, you'll be fine if someone is healing you

Druid and Rogue

From opening burst damage, to sharing an armor class, Druid and Rogue should have a good time together. For Alliance, they'll also start in the same starting area (should you pick Elf Rogue), as for Horde, one of you is going to need to make a short run. Alternatively, you could wait until you meet at the Barrens, but it's probably best to start duoing from the start.

Mage and Warlock

This is just pure damage per second. You'll both be using the same gear, and with the advantage of the Warlock's pet to tank, the Mage will likely run riot. Obviously, you're not tanky as a pair, but the pure CC and damage should get you through it. Though, we'd suggest you don't get too carried away and overpull.

Hunter and Warlock

Pets for days. It might not be the most optimal of class combinations, but it might be one of the safest. With two tanky pets, you can take camps with ease, and crush anyone that comes your way. If all goes poorly, just sacrifice the pets and reset. While you won't share any gear during your leveling adventure, you'll probably make up for it in your power when it comes to grinding out enemies. Though your lack of self-healing might be an issue.

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Rogue and Mage

The best melee and best range pure DPS meet in this burst monster. With CC for days, and the damage to match, the Rogue and Mage combo will make light work of anything place in front of it. While not very tanky, most mobs won't last long enough for it to matter. As for elite mobs, just kite them or use a Rogue CD to make yourself a little bit more durable for a short period.

In conclusion

And that's about it really. Honestly, just do what you want. If you're playing with a friend anyway, maybe share an armor type and work on profession gear. Or, just vibe with whatever specs the pair of you want to play the most and make it work. It'll be fine in the end we're sure.

6 Best WoW Classic Hardcore Duos for leveling
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