Best Weapon Setup To Blast Apart Enemies In Starfield

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Best Weapon Setup To Blast Apart Enemies In Starfield

Let our guide help you install the ultimate ship weapon setup to annihilate your foes in Starfield with a barrage of deadly and devastating firepower

In the expansive universe of Starfield, your choice of ship weapons is as diverse as the stars themselves. With over 109 unique weapon modules to select from, equipping your vessel with the perfect combination can be a challenging task. These formidable armaments are divided into distinct categories, each designed for specific functions in the relentless dogfights among the stars. From ballistic cannons to precision lasers, missile launchers to versatile particle beams, the options are abundant and unique.

Best Weapon Setup To Blast Apart Enemies In Starfield
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Navigating this celestial armory is essential for every explorer looking to thrive in the cosmic wilderness. As we embark on this interstellar adventure, we'll delve into the heart of Starfield's weaponry, helping you choose the ultimate weapon setup to blast apart enemies and conquer the challenges that await in this captivating gaming universe.

Types of Ship Weapons:

Here is a list of the categories of ship weapons available to every explorer a rundown of their strengths and weaknesses.


Cannons are the stalwart workhorses of ship weaponry in Starfield. These weapons are perfect for unleashing ballistic damage with high accuracy, making them powerfully effective at penetrating enemy's hull armor. They are highly reliable in close-quarters combat, and known to pair well with dogfighters who prefer a more direct approach. There are different variants to choose from, including autocannons, which offer rapid-fire capabilities, and shot-cannons, known for their shotgun-like spread, covering a wider area with each shot.


Lasers, on the other hand, are precision instruments designed primarily for one purpose: dealing devastating damage to an enemy's shields. Unlike cannons, they are unable to penetrate hull armor, but excel at effortlessly melting away protective energy barriers. They are precise and often favored for the middling range and versatility. Starfield has a plethora of laser types and designs to suit your specific needs.

Missiles/Missile Launchers:

Missile launchers are the heavy artillery of spaceship weaponry. These weapons fire slowly but deliver a high payload of damage. They come in handy when you want to pinpoint specific systems on an enemy spaceship, be it their shields, engines, or grav drives. They offer a strategic advantage for folks who favor accurate and powerful attacks over rapid-fire skirmishes.

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Particle Beams/Beam Weapons:

Particle beam weapons stand out as the all-rounders of spacecraft weaponry in Starfield. What makes particle beams stand out is their special knack for dealing damage to both shields and hull with equal effectiveness. This versatility makes them extremely potent in battles. For many players, choosing particle beams is a way to streamline their spaceship's weapons, doing away with the complexity of having various specialized options.


Suppressors specialize in dealing Electromagnetic (EM) damage to enemy systems. While suppressors may not deal substantial damage to the entire enemy vessel, they play a vital role in temporarily disabling crucial enemy systems. If your goal in Starfield is to take control of enemy vessels without causing excessive harm, suppressors become invaluable assets in your arsenal.


Gauss weapons and railguns are akin to their cannon cousins but offer a bit more punch in shield damage. These weapons are primarily designed to penetrate an enemy ship's hull. They often boast slightly improved ranges compared to most ballistic weapons, depending on the specific model. Keep in mind that gauss and railguns are usually associated with higher costs.


Turrets are autonomous weapons that provide automatic fire on enemy ships within their range, all without direct player input, assuming they're facing the right direction. Turrets provide the benefit of continuous firing, but they often trade off precision when compared to manually operated weapons. Choosing turrets can free up your attention for other spacecraft management tasks but comes at the cost of control and accuracy.

In Starfield, every weapon type comes with its distinct advantages and drawbacks, giving players the flexibility to customize their spacecraft's loadout according to their preferred playstyle and combat tactics. The crucial factor for endless triumph throughout every battle is choosing the perfect mix of weapons that enhances your ship's strengths and equips you to confront the cosmos' myriad challenges with confidence.

Crafting the Perfect Arsenal – The Optimal Weapon Setup

When it comes to outfitting your starship for unparalleled combat performance in Starfield, the choice of spacecraft weapons is pivotal. To thrive in a universe brimming with adversaries and challenges, it's crucial to meticulously choose a trio of weapons that harmonize with each other's strengths and compensate for their weaknesses. Here's the optimal combination that promises to make your vessel a formidable force to be reckoned with:

1. CE-19 Missile Launcher


  • Hull Damage: 77
  • Shield Damage: 77
  • Crew: 0.5
  • Reactor Class: A
  • Fire Rate: 1
  • Range: 4,000
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The CE-19 Missile Launcher is the perfect example of precision and devastating firepower. The CE-19 Missile Launcher, a Class-A marvel, launches precision-guided missiles, each delivering a staggering blow that wreaks havoc on both shields and hulls alike. While it may have a slower fire rate, a single well-aimed shot from this launcher has the potential to obliterate an enemy's protective barriers and armor. When targeting specific systems, these missiles can wreak havoc on engines, shields, and anything unfortunate enough to cross their path. What's more, you don't need a top-tier spacecraft to harness the destructive power of this module; it's accessible with a Rank 3 Starship Design.

2. Disruptor 3330 Helion Beam


  • Hull Damage: 30
  • Shield Damage: 30
  • Crew: 0.5
  • Reactor Class: B
  • Fire Rate: 2.5
  • Range: 3,500

In the realm of particle beam weaponry, the Disruptor 3330 Helion Beam stands tall as the undisputed champion. It excels in delivering identical levels of destruction to both shields and hulls, showcasing its exceptional versatility in the art of annihilation. This manually operated beam system unleashes formidable energy beams, dealing significant harm to enemy shields and hulls simultaneously. Its sheer firepower surpasses that of most other weapon systems, making it the perfect choice for initiating combat encounters. When you unleash the might of the Disruptor 3330, your presence in the cosmos becomes synonymous with dread, and your adversaries quickly learn to tread cautiously.

3. Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser


  • Hull Damage: 10
  • Shield Damage: 32
  • Crew: 0.5
  • Reactor Class: B
  • Fire Rate: 2.5
  • Range: 1,250

When it comes to precision in eroding shields, the Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser emerges as the ultimate choice. This laser is renowned for its unmatched efficacy in stripping away enemy shields with unwavering precision. While its hull damage output may be moderate, it dedicates its formidable power to the task of rendering protective energy barriers utterly ineffective. Surpassing many Class-A counterparts, this laser variant becomes an invaluable addition to your early-game starship upgrades.

The combination of the CE-19 Missile Launcher, Disruptor 3330 Helion Beam, and Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser forms a well-rounded and formidable arsenal. These ship weapons harmonize effortlessly, ensuring that no matter the challenges you encounter in the cosmic wilderness of Starfield, your spacecraft will consistently emerge victorious. With this trio of weaponry under your command, you won't merely navigate the cosmos; you'll assert your dominance, leaving a trail of vanquished adversaries in your wake.



Best Weapon Setup To Blast Apart Enemies In Starfield
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