Best Volibear Counters League of Legends

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Best Volibear Counters League of Legends

Do you need help to win against Volibear in League of Legends? Not to worry, here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

Volibear is one of the strongest champions in the Jungle and the Top Lane right now in League of Legends. Not only is he a great fighter, but he is also one of the best gankers in the game due to his ultimate. There isn’t many that can go up against Volibear and come out on top. The question is, how do you stop Volibear from completely taking over the game? ESTNN is here to bring you the three best picks right now in League of Legends that can compete with Volibear if he is selected on the enemy team. This article will look specifically at the best Jungle counters to Volibear.

Best Volibear Counters in LoL


Ivern Rework Dunkmaster Ivern

Although Volibear is a very strong fighter, Ivern is a great pick that can slow him down and frustrate the hell out of Volibear players. Ivern is amazing at counter jungling, and with Volibears primary items being so expensive, you are able to steal his camps away at ease if you have smite. Ivern is essentially a support champion that can Jungle, the goal is to protect your carries, which shouldn’t be an issue even at the early stages. Once you have Daisy, your ultimate, Volibear may struggle contesting you if you are able to kite back and allow your team to deal the damage.


Brand is a great champion into Volibear, and one that can punish him early on, when he is at his weakest due to the lack of health and Ability Power. Brand can clear much quicker than Volibear, and if you can catch him off guard in a bush, you will be able to kill him unless he is at full health. Even if he is at full health, you have successfully pushed him out of his own Jungle and is now on the back foot. Your combo should be able to lock him down with ease due to the tight constraints of being in the Jungle, which is where Brand actually thrives because their is limited ways of escaping.

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Like Brand, Taliyah has the opportunity to deal a lot of damage onto Volibear early and shove him out of the Jungle. Taliyah’s passive also allows her to move around the Jungle at a quicker pace than Volibear, so you should be able to gank earlier than he can. Your W is vital in the Jungle as this can completely chunk Volibear, and potentially set up a kill if a teammate is in the area. In terms of the neutral objectives, again, Talyiah has the edge. Her ultimate can block off entire areas, meaning Volibear players will have to make a decision whether to flash and or use their ultimate as a way of getting over the wall. This puts him at a disadvantage because his team will not be in range to back him up as they should also be blocked off by the Taliyah wall.

Worst Champions To Pick Into Volibear In League of Legends

The splash art for League of Legends champion Amumu, with the mummy sadly looking at a human-like figure.

Amumu is not a great champion to pick into Volibear. He outdamages you at every stage of the game and is a much more effective champion than Amumu. If Amumu misses his Q, Volibear can easily turn around the fight. On top of that, Amumu has no way of stopping Volibear from counter-jungling because his damage is so low. On top of that, Amumu does not have the best jungle clear, meaning Volibear can affect more of the map unless Amumu hard commits to ganking early rather than farm up his camps.

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Although he has only been on the live server for a day, the reworked Skarner has the worst win rate against Volibear right now in League of Legends. According to Mobalytics, Skarner has a win rate of just 35% in this matchup over a span of 950+ games.

Moving onto another champion that has been reworked in recent times, Rammus also is one of the worst performers against the bear in League of Legends patch 14.7. Rammus players enjoy building Thornmail, but will be relatively squishy thanks to Volibear primarily focussing around AP builds. This means if Voli and Rammus encounter in the Jungle, Voli should be able to poke Rammus down, or kill him if any of Volis’ teammates are in the area. On top of that, Volibear will have the advantage when it comes to the neutral objectives. Rammus has one of the slower objective clears, and will often require teammates in order to help take down the Dragon, Rift Herald, or Baron. Voli, however, if on a good timing, should be able to take down the neutral objective without too much trouble. On top of that, Volibear can assassinate the backline if the enemy team walks too far up to the Dragon.

Best Volibear Duos League of Legends

Here are the best champions to play with Volibear in League of Legends on patch 14.4, according to Mobalytics. Please note this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Smolder
  • Vayne
  • Karma

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