Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 14.3

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Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 14.3

A Fighter, a Tank and a Mage turned ADC – these are the best toplaners in LoL Patch 14.3!

Patch 14.3 has been out for a while now, so there’s enough data to determine which champions are the best for each role. After the supports, lets take a look at the toplaners who are a step above the rest in this patch cycle!

Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 14.3

Twisted Fate

Best Toplaners in LoL

Believe it or not, Twisted Fate is one of the best this time around. The Card Master received some hefty buffs, making his AD build much more viable, while also putting him back on the map in the midlane. For toplane however, AD TF is the way to go as shown by pros of multiple regions.

Strengths: Good waveclear, good poke, doesn’t need TP

Weaknesses: Immobile, squishy, weak if behind

Twisted Fate Runes

Similarly to AD LeBlanc, you’ll want to got Fleet Footwork for the extra healing as well as the energized Synergy. You’ll need Triumph and Legend: Bloodline for even more sustain, and Last Stand so your last few cards hit even harder. Celerity and Nimbus Cloack are your best bet for secondaries as you’ll want to go Flash + Ghost almost every game.

Best Toplaners in LoL

Twisted Fate Abilities

As with the AD Twisted Fate of olden days, you’ll start with E and max it first as the extra Attack Speed and damage on every 5th auto synergizes well with your on-hit build. Then you’ll max W for the even better auto around midgame, leaving Q last in this build.

Twisted Fate Build

Starting with Doran’s Blade, you’ll want to rush Kraken Slayer into almost any matchup as it gives you the most consistent damage. Rapid Firecannon is still a great way to stun from afar and let’s you poke down enemies while healing. Stattik’s Shiv is good, but it can be skipped for more damage focused items such as Stormrazor, Terminus or Blade of the Ruined King. You can also go into crit with Infinity Edge or on-hit with Guinsoo’s Rageblade.

Best Toplaners in LoL


Best Toplaners in LoL

Another champion that found it’s way into the toplane from a different role, Zac has been played in every major region. He even gained popularity in casual games, so he’s not a prolocked pick – you can learn him fairly easily.

Strengths: Great sustain, good engage, good CC

Weaknesses: Immobile outside of E, has a number of bad matchups

Zac Runes

With Zac, Grasp of the Undying is your best bet, as you’ll be autoattacking more often than you think. Demolish is still broken, while Second Wind and Revitalize can help you in tougher matchups as well. For secondaries, take Legend: Tenacity and Last Stand in order to become a lot harder to take down.

Best Toplaners in LoL

Zac Abilities

Contrary to jungle Zac, in toplane, you start with W and max it first as it’s your main trading too. However, you don’t need to put more than 1 point into Q until lategame, as higher levels of the ability don’t provide much benefits. Instead, try to roam with your higher rank and range E.

Zac Build

As with every tank, Doran’s Shield is the best starter, and you could rush Ionian Boots of Lucidity for better sustain. Afterwards, get an Immolate item (so Sunfire Aegis or Hollow Radiance) depending on the matchup, and always go Spirit Visage second for the extra heals. Then, you can get items such as Jak’Sho, Unending Despair or Thornmail. You can consider Randuin’s Omen or Frozen Heart into heavy AD teams, and if you feel spicy, a Liandry’s Anguish works great with Zac.

Best Toplaners in LoL


Best Toplaners in LoL

Finally, a proper toplaner! Darius has always been a strong character due to his snowball potential, but the buffs he got to his E Armor Penetration has pushed him to the top.

Strengths: Great 1v1 potential, amazing when ahead, can 1v5 in the midgame

Weaknesses: Slow and easily kiteable, hard to play into some toplaners, falls off lategame

Darius Runes

Darius can stack Conqueror fairly quickly, so that should be your go-to Keystone. An aggressive Triumph – Legend: Alacrity – Last Stand trio can ensure you’re ahead, and with Regrowth and Conditioning, you’ll become even stronger in the most important stage of the game for Darius: the midgeme.

Best Toplaners in LoL

Darius Abilities

Start with W as it gives you the best trading potential as a single ability while it also helps you last hit. However, you want to max this last as Q is your biggest damage tool, and the buffs the Passive portion of E got are the biggest weapon Darius has into tankier targets and games that go to the later stages of the game.

Darius Build

Against ranged opponents, start with Doran’s Shield, but if you want to fight, you can go Blade as well. In Season 14, Trinity Force is your go-to first item. After picking a boots appropriate to the damage type of your opponent, you can get Sterak’s Gage for the Tenacity, then Dead Man’s Plate to reach your targets quicker.

Best Toplaners in LoL

Afterwards, you can buy situational tank items as your passive and few damage items will be more than enough to deal with opponents, even if it needs multiple spell rotations.

And there you have it! The 3 best toplaners of Patch 14.3. While two of them are a bit unconventional, you can surprise your enemies with them even after a few practice games. Check back after 14.4 drops for the best pick of that update!

Best Toplaners in LoL Patch 14.3
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