Best Three Malphite Counters In League of Legends

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Best Three Malphite Counters In League of Legends

Do you need help lane against Malphite in League of Legends? Don't worry—here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

Malphite is one of the oldest champions in League of Legends history, dating back to the first couple of seasons. He has a straightforward yet very effective kit, and he will be your front-line tank, the champion who starts the team fight with his ultimate. The question is, how do you stop him from taking over the game? ESTNN is here to bring the best three counters to Malphite in League of Legends.

Best Malphite Counters in LoL


The splash art for the Dr. Mundo LoL champion reword VGU, showing a large purple menace about to perform experiments on a victim in a deranged laboratory.

Dr.Mundo is one of the more annoying champions for Malphite to play into. His passive is very hard for Malphite to break without exhausting a lot of mana to do so. Malphite’s base mana is pretty low, so some Malphite players take the corrupting potion in the lane to have some early sustainability while also inflicting some burn damage. Even if Malphite is able to brake Mundo’s shield, he will be able to heal back up to full thanks to his ultimate while also being quick. The only way Malphite can really get ahead in this match-up is through Jungle intervention. So make sure you ward up well, because the only way Malphite will have a lead is through some outside intervention.


Rek’Sai is the newest addition to the top lane and one of the best counters into Malphite right now in League of Legends. Rek’Sai is very strong right now into melee champions, which Malphite is. The key to playing Rek’Sai in these types of matchups is to abuse the low mobility of these champions, while Rek’Sai can move across the lane pretty quickly. Rek’Sai’s burrow also heals her when she is underground, which means she can stay in the lane much longer than Malphite, who will waste a lot of mana trying to whittle her health bar down, which can be healed straight back up thanks to Rek’Sais’ W.

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Surprisingly, Sylas has one of the better win rates against Malphite in League of Legends right now. Sylas being in the Top Lane will force Malphite to go towards Magic Resistance items rather than the first item Sunfire, from which he greatly benefits. On top of that, Sylas is extremely mobile and hard to kill if you are the Malphite player in this scenario. Sylas will be able to burst through Malphite's armor without any problems as he will not be as tanky early on as he will have to rush Magic Resistance. On top of that, Sylas can steal away Malphite’s ultimate thanks to his ultimate, which will do a lot of damage due to the amount of ability power Sylas will have.

Worst Champion To Pick Into Malphite In League of Legends

ADCs in the Top Lane normally have a tough time against Malphite. Before level six, they have the only good chance against Him. This is no different for Vayne, who, on 14.6, has statistically the worst win rate against Him in the Top Lane in League of Legends. Malphite can first slow Vayne down with his Q, even if Vayne knocks Malphite back, the movement speed he will get from Q will allow him to chase her down. Secondly, once Malphite has an item under his belt, even if it is Sunfire, it will be more than enough to kill Vayne. On top of that, ADC’s in the Top Lane are free lunch money to Junglers, even if Malphite can’t solo kill them, calling the Jungler up is almost a guaranteed kill.

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Although Irelia is a very strong laner, and has a lot of kill pressure against Malphite, this is a lane Malphite can definitely win with enough patience. Malphite’s abilities use up a lot of mana, so make sure you are not using them so much unless you need to. Using W is good for clearing the wave. Make sure you are not pushed up the lane, because this will give Irelia a lot of good angles to stack up her passive with multiple minions, along with a longer lane to slow you down with her ultimate.

Best Malphite Duos League of Legends

Mobalytics says the best champions to play with Malphite in League of Legends are here. Please note this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Rek’Sai
  • Bel’Veth
  • Master Yi

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