Best Super Mario RPG Combat Tips

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Best Super Mario RPG Combat Tips

Elevate your Super Mario RPG combat skills with these expert tricks

Super Mario RPG makes a grand return with a glorious remake that does justice to the original released twenty-seven years ago. Prepare for a delightful fusion of Mario's world and RPG intricacies, teeming with unique mechanics and perplexing puzzles. Mastering the battle mechanics is key to excelling in the game, so we're here to lend a hand with some effective Super Mario RPG combat tips.

Super Mario RPG Combat Tips

Conquer foes with finesse using these Super Mario RPG Combat Tips:

Timing Is Key

Nail your timing during attacks to pack an even bigger punch! Simply hit that attack button exactly as your move hits the mark. That perfect timing means inflicting far more damage than your usual strikes. Perfecting the timing can be a genuine game-changer. Hit that button with precision, and your attack will impact every enemy on the field, making battles easier and more satisfying.

Best Super Mario RPG Combat Tips

Credit: Nintendo

Struggling with timing your attacks? No sweat! Keep an eye out for the yellow indicator. Focus on your character's moves—tap the A button slightly before they connect with the enemy. And don't forget defense! Watch the enemy's attack animation closely and tap the button just before the hit lands.

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It's not only weapon attacks that get a boost from timed hits—seriously, everything perks up when you hit that button at the right moment! Offensive Specials, healing moves, buffs-all are part of the party.

Chain Perfectly Timed Attacks

Chaining timed hits and blocks gives your stats a turbo boost. The perks become significantly considerable when you crank that multiplier to the max. When you are rocking an amazing chain, therefore, prioritize attacks where you know you can nail those timed hits perfectly.

Block to Minimize Damage

Blocking is an integral part of the game's Action Commands. Similar to attack, you must perfect the timing to make the most out of it. Press A, B, X, or Y—just before an opponent's strike hits a party member to block it.

Best Super Mario RPG Combat Tips

Credit: Nintendo

Keep an eye out for a starry effect around your party member—it indicates a successful block when an attack lands. This star-powered move dramatically reduces incoming damage, serving as a crucial tactic against powerful assaults.

Achieving a perfect block is all about timing—hit that block within a 5-frame window as the enemy attack lands. Unlike a regular block that lessens the damage, a perfect block neutralizes it entirely.

Rotate Your Party Members

The Super Mario RPG Remake introduces a game-changing feature: swapping party members without expending a turn, a significant improvement from the original. Mario and Mallow are your go-to team members for exploiting enemy weaknesses. As challenges intensify, however, consider making space for Bowser in your party Before boss battles, leveraging Mallow's Thought Peek Special can be highly beneficial as it provides crucial insights into the enemy's weaknesses.

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Best Super Mario RPG Combat Tips

Credit: Nintendo

Don’t Waste Triple Move Attacks

When the Triple Move gauge reaches full capacity, your entire party can unleash potent Triple Moves. If you're familiar with the 1996 original, you might wonder why this isn't ringing a bell. The Triple Move Attack is a newly added feature exclusive to the remake.

This new Super Mario RPG combat trick packs a punch but doesn’t come on a rapid-fire reload, so you must resist the urge to use it frequently. Save these attacks for boss battles or those nail-biting moments when a tough enemy's got you cornered. And remember, different party combos mean different Triple Move attacks—so shuffle your team and enjoy the variety!

Make Use of Items

In addition to the standard health and FP replenishers, there's a range of attack and support items that truly shine. Imagine causing 200 damage to all foes using Rock Candy or providing a protective shield to a critical party member with Red Essence. In dire moments, utilizing an item at just the right time might spell the difference between triumph and loss.

Best Super Mario RPG Combat Tips
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