Best South Park Snow Day Upgrades Guide (Cards, Powers & More)

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Best South Park Snow Day Upgrades Guide (Cards, Powers & More)

Going through the strongest South Park Snow Day upgrades you can get, and picking which cards go best with your loadout.

South Park Snow Day has a ton of powerful upgrades that enhance the strength of your build.

The cards you get from Jimmy's shop randomly refresh after you clear an area. However not all of these cards are worth getting, especially when you consider the strongest builds in the game. Optimize your build and make the most out of your TP with the best South Park Snow Day Upgrades.

South Park Snow Day Best Upgrades

Butter's Book of Laws lists all of the new upgrade cards you find along your playthrough. Here are the best ones to get for each power.

Healing Totem – Reviving Aura

The Healing Totem stands on top of our tier list for the strongest powers to get in Snow Day. But healing Totem's best card gives it a ton more value in tight fights.

A Healing Totem with the Reviving Aura upgrade gives it the ability to revivie your teammates when you place it in their revive circle. So not only do you give other players a great excuse to group, but you also keep everyone alive in the process.

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Gravity Bomb – Static Blast

Static Blast is the Gravity Bomb we deserve. With a large area-of-effect (AOE) and increased damage, there's no reason to skip out on this South Park Snow Day upgrade. But the best part of Static Blast is that it keeps Gravity Bomb stationary, letting you control where your enemies get pulled.

Bubble Shield – Bubble Bruiser

You can often get swarmed by enemies in South Park Snow Day, making Bubble Shield a great option for ranged attackers. But with Bubble Bruiser, you'll be able to make enemies oay for getting too close.

With the Bruiser upgrade, your Bubble Shield will deal damage every 0.4 seconds whenever enemies invade your personal space. This upgrade is effective if you're running a Dagger or a Wand build, so always look for this card when you're rolling with a Bubble Shield.

best south park snow day upgrades

Bullrush – Running Start

Bullrush lets you charge into the fray multiple times with a full  “P*ssed Off” meter. Pick up the “Running Start” upgrade to up your damage and keep yourself mobile.

Pairing this with cards that increase the amount of P*ssed Off you get can be devastatingly good. At the same time, this South Park Snow Day upgrade is great when you're trying to isolate healers and tougher opponents. So grab Running Start when you can, your team mates will thank you.

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The Drone – Bombing Run

Drones you summon will randomly fly towards the closest opponent to deal explosive burning damage. And the Bombing Run upgrade gives your Drone the ability to (you guessed it) drop bombs along it's flight path.

This upgrade increases the Drone's damage potential and makes it more useful overall. A Drone with Bombing Run is great against large groups of enemies, and the addiitonal explosion damage can stagger larger enemies. All in all, these perks make Bombing Run the best Drone upgrade in the game (so far).

Snow Turret – Defensive Perimeter

Defensive Perimeter creates a small minefield around a Snow Turret when you activate the Power. This is great on its own since it repels melee enemies, and the Snow Turret literally becomes unstoppable when you stand closeby with an improved Bubble Shield.

Cheese – Cheesy Vampires

The “Cheesy Vampires” upgrade lets you heal everytime turned enemies deal damage, and the possiblities here are endless. Turn Jockeys, mortar troops and even necromancers to give you the upper hand.

Fart Escape – Gassy Slider

Gassy Glider lets you shoot upwards diagonally instead of a full vertical, and costs 10% less P*issed Off points to activate. Mobility is Fart Escape's main purpose, and having more control on where you're going — and having more room for mistakes — lets you maximize this Power to its fullest.

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