Best South Park Snow Day Builds (Powers, Upgrades & More)

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Best South Park Snow Day Builds (Powers, Upgrades & More)

Listing the most powerful South Park Snow Day builds, and how to get them.

South Park Snow Day carries the best parts of the roguelike genre, and like in any roguelike, some builds clear enemies faster than others.

You carry a melee weapon, a ranged weapon and two powers in every quest/match you enter. On top of that, you get upgrades from Jimmy after every stage you clear. Taking the wrong cards can slow you down. But the right set of upgrades can optimize your build to make you an unstoppable killing machine.

That's why we included all of the best South Park Snow Day builds in our guide below.

Best South Park Snow Day Builds

South Park Snow Day – Tesla Coil Build

  • Melee Weapon: Greataxe
  • Ranged Weapon: Wand
  • Powers: Bubble Shield, Healing Totem
  • Upgrades: Tesla Coil, Molotov Cocktail/Napalm, Bubble Bruiser, Vortex

The first build on our list focuses on dealing highly consistent AOE damage on surrounding enemies.

We're starting off with the Wand for its Tesla Coil upgrade, which transforms the flamethrower into a deadly lightning rod. Pair this with the Molotov Cocktail upgrade to stagger tougher opponents with explosions during the Wand's downtime.

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Constantly using your Wand with Tesla Coil will make you an easier target to shoot, so take the Bubble Shield with you. And if your Wand needs time to recharge, use the Two-Handed Axe's heavy attack to finish off weak enemies.

South Park Snow Day – Staff Build

  • Melee Weapon: Dagger
  • Ranged Weapon: Staff
  • Powers: Gravity Bomb, Healing Totem
  • Upgrades: Three-way, Bounding Blaze, Reviving Aura 

The Staff isn't the easiest ranged weapon in South Park Snow Day, but it can absolutely obliterate groups of foes if you upgrade it properly.

Double the Staff's threat by combining the Three-way and Bounding Blaze upgrades when you can. Not only will you be shooting three fireballs, but each one of them will be bouncing towards more enemies.

To maximize your damage, clump your enemies together with Gravity Bomb before charging your Staff. This prevents any melee mobs from interrupting your cast. You also won't be mobile for most of the fight, so bring the Healing Totem to keep your health up, and air-dash with the Dagger to escape bad positions.

Best South Park Snow Day Builds (Powers, Upgrades & More)

South Park Snow Day – Bleed Build

  • Melee Weapon: Dagger
  • Ranged Weapon: Bow and Arrow
  • Powers: Drone, Bubble Shield
  • Upgrades: Endless Anger, Bad Blood, Hemorrhage

This build mainly prioritizes Dagger upgrades that optimize Bleed damage as well as perks that let you use your Powers more frequently.

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Stack bleed damage on as many foes as you can to fill your P*ssed Off meter, get a shield and release as many Drones as you can. Endless Anger works great here since you can fill your meter faster. And your Drones take care of far-away targets, letting you focus on melee opponents. Applying more Bleed lets you reset your meter and gain a new Bubble Shield, rinse and repeat.

South Park Snow Day – Snow Turret Build

  • Melee Weapon: Two-Handed Axe
  • Ranged Weapon: Bow and Arrow
  • Powers: Snow Turret, Bubble Shield
  • Upgrades: Defensive Perimeter, Vortex, Bitter Bubble/Bigger Bubble

Lastly, our Snow Turret bunker build focuses on fighting around a sentry with shields and addditional crowd control.

If you prefer to stand your ground, this is the best build for you. Even without upgrades, the Snow Turret is efficient at knocking ranged combatants off of their platforms. At the same time, Bubble Shield is always a good pick to protect you and your sentry. But the upgrades for this build is where things get interesting.

Spawning Turret with Defensive Perimeter effectively creates a minefield around your Snow Turret. On top of that, using Vortex lets you control nearby enemies more easily. Bubble Shield comes into play here as well, with Bitter Bubble and/or Bigger Bubble doing more to protect you and your main source of ranged damage.

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