Best Rally Circuits In Forza Horizon 5 To Test Your Skills

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Best Rally Circuits In Forza Horizon 5 To Test Your Skills

If you’re a fan of rally racing then check out the Forza horizon 5’s Rally Adventures DLC. Here’s a list of the best rally circuits in Forza Horizon 5 to race on with your rally built cars

Forza Horizon 5, the game takes a new direction, offering a vast open-world experience that covers the entirety of Mexico. Unlike traditional race tracks, the game's map features diverse terrains, from lush jungles and sandy beaches to dusty deserts and active volcanoes. Whether you're into rocky canyons, rugged mountains, ancient ruins, or lava-spewing volcanoes, this game has it all.

Forza Horizon 5’s Rally Adventure DLC, brought a breath of fresh air to the game. While we’re a fan of the game's open-ended progression and the vast Mexican world, the repetition of races and rewards can get a little monotonous. Rally Adventure injects new life into the game with fresh tracks, unexplored parts of Mexico, and exciting rally-themed cars. 

Rally-Inspired Progression in Rally Adventure

Best Rally Circuits In Forza Horizon 5 To Test Your Skills
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What truly surprised me was the remarkable attention to detail put into every aspect of the Rally Adventure DLC. You have rally-inspired tuning options, new cars, the Sierra Nueva dirt tracks, and a thoughtfully designed single-player progression system.

The races in Rally Adventure typically include the usual sprints and circuits, but what sets them apart is the split times and rally-inspired progression. Instead of racing in real-time against opponents, you compete against their split times, aiming for a better average lap time before completing your final lap.

It may take a little time to adjust to these races, but once you get the hang of it, competing against the drivatars of your friends and other players on off road tracks will become a joyful experience.

Speaking of tracks, the newly added map of Mexico provides an incredibly enjoyable offroading experience. While there are some asphalt sections where you can unleash your X-class hypercars, the majority of the map serves as a massive offroad playground, in line with a rally racing theme.

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In addition to the split times, you also have navigator callouts to enhance the experience of rally racing. This addition is particularly enjoyable and reminds us of more rally centrics games like the DIRT Franchise. Relying on the co-driver's callouts rather than traditional racing lines adds an extra layer of excitement to the game.

What Additional DLC Content Do We Get?

Although you get the base game free with Xbox Game Pass, the Rally Adventure expansion is a $19.99 DLC in Forza Horizon 5. It delivers more than just new off road experiences. It introduces a range of new cars tailored for rally racing and offroading, along with exclusive tuning options.

New Cars

Here's the list of the new cars in this DLC:

  • 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum
  • 2001 #4 Ford Focus RS WRC
  • 1973 Hoonigan Volkswagen Baja Beetle Class 5/1600 ‘Scumbug’
  • 2021 RJ Anderson #37 Polaris RZR Pro 4 Truck
  • 2019 Casey Currie Motorsports #4402 Ultra 4 ‘Trophy Jeep’
  • 2021 Alumicraft #122 Class 1 Buggy
  • 2022 Alumicraft #6165 Trick Truck
  • 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Factory Racing Limited Edition
  • 2020 Jimco #179 Hammerhead Class 1
  • 2019 Jimco #240 Fastball Racing Spec Trophy Truck

In Forza Horizon 5, you have the opportunity to upgrade your car with the anti-lag system, which results in a more aggressive exhaust sound. If you've played recent Need for Speed games, you'll find the anti-lag system familiar.

On the other hand, there's launch control, which provides you with control over your car's acceleration in a straight line.

What's truly fantastic is that these tuning options are available to all players, regardless of whether you own the Rally Adventure DLC. This means everyone can experience the thrill of anti-lag turbo and launch control. 

The ability to customize your exhaust sound for a more aggressive tone and gaining full control over your car's launch acceleration are features that both add the icing on the cake. It's truly satisfying that these features have been seamlessly integrated into the game without any restrictions.

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Best Rally Circuits in Forza Horizon 5

Gran Pantano

When cruising through San Sebastian, don't miss the nearby Gran Pantano. It's a lush jungle with a network of muddy roads and off-trail dirt paths, perfect for rally cars and cross country vehicles. A hidden dirt road offers a stunning view of a distant volcano.

Riveria Maya

Stay in the southeast after exploring Gran Pantano and you'll find the beautiful Riveria Maya. It's a white-sand beach with crystal-clear waters, ideal for off-road driving. Try out cross-country or lap races in the Events Lab mode and don't forget to check out Playa Azul road.

Dunas Blancas

Although best for Baja Races, Dunas Blancas can also be a good place to test out your rally cars. It's perfect for buggy races, offroad SUVs, and ATV challenges. 

Copper Canyon

In the northeastern part of the map, drive down the pristine cliffside road into Copper Canyon. It offers a mix of road and offroad driving, with hidden tunnels and an elevated railroad track. You can perform crazy stunts on the cliffs or race through the base of the canyon.

La Gran Caldera

The biggest attraction in Forza Horizon 5 is La Gran Caldera, a massive volcano with diverse gameplay options. From snowy peaks to the magma-spitting heart, you can drive on all sides of the volcano, each presenting a unique challenge. 


If you're seeking more of the thrilling arcade racing experience that Forza Horizon 5 offers, Rally Adventure is a fantastic addition. It's packed with the same racing goodness you will enjoy in the base game, and it introduces a more rally centric career.  Although there isn't a set track that is the best, we suggest heading out to free roam and kick up some dirt in your rally built cars.


Best Rally Circuits In Forza Horizon 5 To Test Your Skills
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