Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning – Use These Weapon Combos

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Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning – Use These Weapon Combos

Here are the best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning that you can use to make your weapon entirely your own. 

After 25 long years, Cutter Slade is back once more with Outcast: A New Beginning. Those who played the original know how revolutionary it was for the time. Fast forward to now, and you will get to explore more of Adelpha in a fresh, modernized look with revamped mechanics and combat.

The combat in the game is pretty different from the original. In this sequel, instead of throwing in a bunch of different weapons for you to try out and upgrade, the devs only give you two main weapons. 

However, you now get to add different Modules to your weapons that massively change how they function. 

Want to use a machine gun? Throw in the Machine Gun Module

Want to snipe from a distance? Use the Scope!

By mixing and matching these modules, you can come up with a weapon that’s entirely your own! With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best weapon module combos that you can use in Outcast: A New Beginning.

Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning 

Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning - Use These Weapon Combos
Credit: IGN

In Outcast A New Beginning, you get to make your weapon your own by experimenting with different Modules. Here are some of the best ones that we found:

1. Crazy Overpowered 

  • Multi-Shots: Fires a salvo of Projectiles
  • Smart Bullet: Fires Homing Projectiles
  • Explosive Payload: Projectiles Explode on Impact and Deal Area Damage

For those rare moments when you need to go full scorched-earth on Adelpha’s hostile alien inhabitants, this combo brings pure mayhem and sheer devastation. The Multi-Shots Module rains down a volley of projectiles, blanketing areas with a barrage, leaving no room for cover.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Smart Bullet Module turns each projectile into a homing bullet that relentlessly hunts down all the enemies caught in its radius. But the real banger in this combo is the Explosive Payload Module! 

Every projectile that connects blows up and deals massive area damage, setting off a chain reaction obliterating anything in a huge radius. Overkill isn’t in your dictionary when running this weapons Module combination.

2. Methodic & Deadly

  • Electrical Orb: Fires a slow-moving orb that deals damage to close enemies
  • Charged Shot: Replaces auto-fire with a manual shot that can be charged by holding the weapon trigger
  • Scope: Adds a scope to your weapon, giving it Sniper Properties
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This combo is perfect for those who want a more systematic, patient approach to fights. The Electrical Orb Module lobs out a slow energy sphere that drifts toward enemies, zapping and damaging them. It’s great for when the enemies are clustered together.

Throw in the Charged Shot Module, and you can overload the orb for a high-impact blast. But in the thick of battle, this weapon combo might not work as well since it relies on you having to charge your shot.

That’s where the third Module, Scope, comes in. This Module adds a sniper scope to your weapon, allowing you to charge your shot from a distance. There’s no need to close ranks when you can take down enemies from a distance!

3. Quick & Well-Balanced

  • Stabilizer: Greatly reduces weapon’s recoil
  • Machine Gun: Increases fire rate and allows firing when overheated at the cost of extra ammo
  • Concussive shot: Increased damage and a chance to stun droids

This Module combo is perfect for those who want the most versatility out of their weapon. The Stabilizer keeps your aim laser-focused even as the Machine Gun kicks your rate of fire into overdrive. Sure, it eats up a bit of extra ammo, but your weapon no longer overheats, which means you can keep firing till the enemies are blown to bits!

But this loadout is not just about spraying bullets aimlessly. With the Concussive Shot Module thrown into the mix, your damage gets a massive boost. Your weapon will also be able to stun those pesky droids. This build gives you a well-balanced damage machine with no real weaknesses.

4. Passive Income

  • Healing Salve: Projectiles give back health when killing an enemy
  • Magnetic Tracker: Hit enemies to mark them. Marked enemies will attract bullets
  • Helidium Saver: Reduces Helidium consumption when firing. 

In the unforgiving wilds of Adelpha, sustainability can often make all the difference between survival and death. This combo will quite literally let you live off the land. The Healing Salve Mod leeches health from your fallen foe, while the Helidum Saver Module ensures your ammo reserves don’t drop too low.

As the cherry on top, the Magnetic Tracker Module ensures every bullet you fire makes its way to your target. With one shot, you mark the enemy and can then follow up with homing bullets that hone in on the target. This build is designed to ensure maximum efficiency from each shot fired.

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5. Creating Mayhem

Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning - Use These Weapon Combos
Credit: THQ Nordic
  • Frenzy: Killing enemies improves the weapon’s damage and fire rate for a short duration
  • Shotgun Barrel: Shoots a wide spread of projectiles
  • Sticky Mines: Projectiles releases proximity mines on impact

Here’s another build that focuses primarily on damage output. The Frenzy Module is the main character in this loadout, improving your weapon’s damage output and fire rate with each kill. As you rack up your kill count, your potential to deal damage exponentially increases. 

The Shotgun Barrel mod is the perfect match for Frenzy. It allows you to get up close and personal with your targets and blow them up with a single shot. Sure, it reduces the accuracy of your weapon, but when you’re dishing out this much damage, does it really matter?

The final piece of the puzzle is the Sticky Mines mod. So even when your projectiles miss, you’ll be exploding enemies left and right thanks to the proximity mines you release with your shots.

6. Master of Precision

  • Scope: Gives the weapon Sniper properties
  • Headshot Booster: Projectiles deal more damage on weak points
  • Concussive Shot: Increases the damage and chances of stunning droids

For the cold-blooded marksmen out there, the Master of Precision build is the perfect answer. It combines three of the best Snipe-heavy Modules into one, turning your weapon into a one-shot kill machine!

With a build like this, the Scope Module is a must-have. Thanks to its precision scope, you’ll get more range out of your weapon and can aim from further out. By adding the Headshot Booster, you’ll be dealing bonus damage anytime you hit the enemy’s weak points. 

The last mod, Concussive Shot, further increases your damage output while giving you a bonus chance of stunning enemy droids when you fire. You need to take your time and carefully line up your shots to get the most out of this build. It’s a high-skill loadout that’s only good for shooter veterans with off-the-charts aim and precision.

The weapon system in Outcast A New Beginning lets you experiment with different Modules to find a loadout that you truly love. Our Module combos should give you a basic idea of how it all works. Now all there’s left is to hunt down these modules. Good luck!

Best Modules in Outcast A New Beginning – Use These Weapon Combos
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