Best Miss Fortune Counters in League of Legends

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Best Miss Fortune Counters in League of Legends

Are you constantly losing against Miss Fortune in League of Legends? Not to worry, this article is here to bring you the best picks into Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune is one of the strongest ADC’s in League of Legends right now. The changes made to the items have been kind to the Bounty Hunter as she continues to dominate solo queue. Are you struggling to perform well into Miss Fortunte?

ESTNN is here to bring you the best counters to Miss Fortune to help you pick up some more LP and climb the League of Legends ladder. This article will also tell you about the champions you should not pick for MF and the best support duos that will both counter MF and elevate her status in the lane.

Best Miss Fortune Counters in LoL


According to Mobalytics, Ziggs has the best win-rate against Miss Fortune on patch 14.4. Ziggs is a very strong pick overall, but in Miss Fortune is where he thrives. Like the other bottom lane options in this article, Ziggs is able to trade pretty comfortably whenever Miss Fortune walks up to apply her own damage.

The key in this match-up is to use Q to trade whenever MF wishes to walk up, while also keeping the lane pushing towards your own tower. Even with Ghost or Youmuus up, Ziggs will be able to slow and knock MF back toward his own tower and secure an easy kill. Once the MF is dead, Ziggs has the tools to shove the lane quickly and use his passive to destroy the tier-one tower.

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Seraphine is a problem for most short-range ADCs in League of Legends. Because MF has very little range Seraphine will be able to consistently apply damage and force MF to use her pots in order to stay in the lane. Seraphine’s damage in the lane is obnoxious, and as mentioned above, the range will be Miss Fortune's biggest problem.

Even if MF was to get Bullet Time off, Seraphine's ultimate can cancel it immediately. Pairing Seraphine with a Senna or Lux for example should completely stop Miss Fortune and their support from playing the game and force the enemy jungler into the bottom lane.


Like Seraphine, Senna is really good at countering Miss Fortune when she is using her ultimate. Although the hard CC from Senna does not instantly stop Miss Fortune from using her ultimate like Seraphine, it is still a helpful tool and stops a potential game-winning Bullet Time.

Although Miss Fortune is a lane bully, she will have a hard time shoving Senna out of the lane if they are smart and do not stand too close to minions that have low health, meaning MF will be unable to use her Q, which is where the bulk of her damage comes from in lane. Senna has the range advantage in this matchup and should be able to trade well with Miss Fortune.

Worst ADC’s To Pick Into Miss Fortune In League of Legends

Aphelios is a champion that does not perform well into Miss Fortune, arguably the worst ADC in the game right now against the champion. According to Mobalytic, Miss Fortune wins the early game battle almost 60% of the time. Miss Fortune is a menace in the early game with her passive + Q ability and will be able to shove Aphelios under tower quickly even with the eventual range advantage from Calibrum.

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A skilled Miss Fortune player should be able to dodge the Aphelios ultimate comfortably with enough movement speed. Once the ultimate is down, there is only one winner in this match-up.

Although Kalista arguably scales better than Miss Fortune, MF on Patch 14.4 has been able to bully Kalista early on and not allow her to get online through her attack speed scaling. The key is to slow her down and not allow her to get in a good position to use her ultimate, which is extremely hard to counter if the support has hard CC like Leona or Nautilus.

When looking to fight, make sure you have your own hard CC support that can lock the Kalista down and not allow her to use her ultimate. Taking exhaust is vital in this lane, ideally from your support, this is due to Kalistas passive allowing her to duck and weave as she repositions with every auto attack.

Best Duos to Pick With Miss Fortune

Here are the best supports to play with Miss Fortune in League of Legends on patch 14.4, according to Mobalytics. Please note this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Maokai
  • Poppy
  • Leona

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