Best KV Inhibitor Loadout In Call of Duty: MW3

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Best KV Inhibitor Loadout In Call of Duty: MW3

Here is the best KV Inhibitor loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

Activision has added a wide variety of weapons to Call of Duty: MW3 and balanced them with numerous updates. Usually, every CoD multiplayer has a few weapons that are usable in matches. This has been a tradition in almost every Call of Duty title. But in this case, no weapon puts its user at a disadvantage when used. The whole arsenal is very well-balanced. Every category has strong and usable guns that can perform really well. From Snipers to ARs, to SMGSs, even Shotguns, all of them are well balanced.

One of the stronger snipers that are highlighted across the community and even our Best Snipers List is the KV Inhibitor. Recently the gun has risen in popularity and has seen a surge in users. With a proper loadout and class setup, this Sniper can be extremely useful in-game. So let's take a look at the class and loadout we have made for the KV Inhibitor.

Best KV Inhibitor Loadout in Call of Duty: MW3

The KV Inhibitor mimics the Dragunov and is a semi-auto beast of a Sniper. It does lack damage but has a higher potential for one-shot kills. This is especially true if the enemy is weakened and low. There is a significant damage drop off but it can consistently high body shots. These allow the Inhibitor to perform well and produce high-kill matches. It is also very versatile and permits fast-paced movement.

Best Attachments for the KV Inhibitor

The main focus for the Loadout given below is the movement. Due to its low damage, it is important to be able to maneuver between enemies in close to mid-ranged fights. Since the gun has consistent damage at longer ranges and a decently high range, the mobility aspect has to be improved. The attachments required for this are given below:

  • Kastovia JEK-40 Barrel
  • FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Ivanov Wood Stock
  • Broadside Factory Grip
  • SL Skeletal Vertical Grip

This loadout will turn you into a speed demon and allow fast ADS times and mobility for close-range fights. This makes the gun very practical across all ranges. The accuracy is also improved allowing the player to hit shots from far away. Speaking of accuracy the FSS Laser works increases that aspect of the gun and increases ADS speed. The Kastovia Barrel also increases the ADS speed and other movement stats, such as the Sprint to Fire Speed. All these aspects combined improve the performance of the Inhibitor across all ranges, making it a deadly weapon.

Best KV Inhibitor Loadout In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Charlie INTEL

Best KV Inhibitor Class Perks & Equipment

Since we focused on movement and close-quarter combat while choosing our attachments, we did the same with the Perks and Equipment. We also added some perks to help in long-range fights. Still, the main objective is mobility. Being able to jump around and hit body shots consistently is what we want. So let’s take a look at the Perk Package below:

  • Commando Gloves
  • Infantry Vest
  • Stalker Boots
  • Bone Conduction
  • Battle Rage
  • Frag Grenade

As we are complementing a quick-paced mobility build, we have used equipment like the Infantry Vest which increases movement speed, and the Commando Gloves for faster reloads. The Gloves are very effective, especially on a sniper where being quick is essential. The Stalker Boots also increase movement speed. Some higher-level players do suggest the Covert Sneakers instead. If you’re aiming to be quiet and stealthy then that is definitely something you can go for. Bone Conduction is useful for hearing footsteps and being aware of anyone looking to go for a sneaky flank.

Best KV Inhibitor Loadout In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Battle Rage is essential for a boosted tactical sprint. Another piece of equipment is the Flash Grenade, to land some shots and get kills on disoriented players. This makes taking out enemies easier as they will be blinded and deafened. The Semtex is also a good option. As it is a very strong explosive, its uses can be very beneficial for taking out players.

Best KV Inhibitor Loadout In Call of Duty: MW3
Credit: Activision

Best Alternatives For the KV Inhibitor

One word, Longbow. That's the closest sniper that comes in comparison to the Inhibitor. There are certain aspects where the Longbow surpasses the Inhibitor. Such as in the case of range, the Longbow can hit much farther with much more force. It does demand more accuracy and skill, but the Inhibitor is a great option if you're looking for a more powerful sniper at all ranges with more consistency. Also, the semi-auto aspect makes the Inhibitor much easier to use for many players.

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Best KV Inhibitor Loadout In Call of Duty: MW3
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