Best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2: Guard Dog vs. Rover Explained

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Best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2: Guard Dog vs. Rover Explained

What is the best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2? Here’s all you need to know about the Guard Dog vs. Rover conundrum

Helldivers 2 throws a tough choice your way: Guard Dog or Rover? They are similar in the sense that they are both drone companions assisting you during combats, but is there a superior option to pick here? What is the best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2? Which one is more worthy of your Requisition? While these two support stratagems share the core function of an offensive drone sidekick, subtle differences can significantly impact your playstyle. This Guard Dog vs. Rover guide dissects the strengths and weaknesses of each variant to help you pick the perfect Guard Dog for your Helldiver squad.

Best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2: Which is the Best Support Stratagem in Helldivers 2?

Should you go for a Guard Dog or a Rover? The answer might sound diplomatic, but the truth is, your situation and preference dictate the optimum pick. The key factors are where you're fighting and who's on your team. Before heading into battle to spread democracy and liberty on the alien planet, it's essential to discuss with your teammates. Should you have both? We found out the hard way that it’s not a good idea. The ‘more, the merrier' philosophy will prove counter-productive in this case. We strongly advocate sticking to two Guard Dogs or Rovers at most.

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Guard Dog vs. Rover

Armed with a liberator assault rifle, the Guard Dog offers valuable supplementary defense. Operating similarly to a powered turret, it automatically targets and fires at nearby enemies, even those out of your sight.

The Guard Dog's biggest downside is its frequent backpack refuels. This downtime leaves you vulnerable, especially during intense enemy rushes.

The Rover carries a laser rifle capable of sweeping across the battlefield. There's a risk of friendly fire, as the laser may inadvertently target your teammates. Maintaining constant communication and updating your teammates on your position should help mitigate this risk.

Unlike the Guard Dog's frequent backpack retreats for ammo refills, the Rover's laser rifle boasts near-continuous operation, keeping you covered during intense battles.

Best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2: Guard Dog vs. Rover Explained

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So, what should be your pick? The Guard Dog or the Rover? The lower recharge frequency does make the Rover desirable, but it’s tough to say that it is better than the Guard Dog. When you are facing a swarm of smaller adversaries, the Guard Dog proves to be the most efficient support. While it’s great for taking hordes of smaller enemies, you will find the Rover more effective against larger targets.

Ultimately, the best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2 pick depends on your playstyle and the mission's objectives.

Best Guard Dog in Helldivers 2: Guard Dog vs. Rover Explained
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