Best Gragas Counters In League of Legends

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Best Gragas Counters In League of Legends

Do you need help to play against Gragas in League of Legends? Not to worry, here are the best champions to help you climb the LoL ladder.

The ultimate disruptor, Gragas is one of the more fun champions to play in League of Legends. Gragas can be built in many different ways, from a full tank to an AP glass cannon—the choice is yours. But most importantly, how do you counter Gragas? ESTNN brings you the three best Gragas counters in League of Legends.

Best Gragas Counters in LoL


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Hecarim is the ultimate fighter and beats Gragas in a straight-up 1v1. The only time Hecarim players will have difficulty with Gragas is when his E is up; it can disrupt Hecarim’s engagement. So, the key is to be patient. Once he uses his E, he can’t really do anything against you. With Ghost and your ultimate, it is almost impossible for Gragas to escape. Hecarim also has a much faster clear than Gragas, which should allow you to farm and get to neutral objectives and the lanes much quicker than he can. You both have sustainability through healing, but as mentioned, Hecarim should be able to dictate the pace of this matchup.


Gragas is squishy early in the game, so you should look to counter-jungle to try and catch him off guard. Diana has a much quicker clear than Gragas, which should naturally mean you reach level six before him. Like with Hecarim, just be patient when looking to all-in Gragas, a competent Gragas player will be able to deny your engage with his E, so wait for him to use it before making your move. Depending on the build, Gragas will take some time to become tanky, so you should be able to burst him down.

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Karthus is one of the more annoying Junglers in League of Legends. It takes some time for you to get stable in the game, as early on, you will struggle with mana and health in the Jungle, but once you have stabilized, you should have no problems going up against Gragas. You have the ability to poke and zone him not only out of his Jungle but also when challenging for neutral objectives. Not only that, if you are ‘fed’ enough, you can one-shot squishy targets simply from your ultimate alone. And if you die, you should still be able to pump out damage with your passive.

Worst Champion To Pick Into Gragas In League of Legends

Patch 13.4

Jax has a hard time going into Gragas the later the game progresses. If you are playing him as a Top Laner, Gragas neutralizes this match-up from the get-go. Whenever Jax looks to jump in, Gragas bodyslams him away and if his passive is up, heals him. This means in the lane, Jax can never poke Gragas down and doesn’t necessarily win the 1v1 battle. The same goes for the Jungle matchup, whenever Jax looks to engage, Gragas can disrupt this either through his ultimate or simply a bodyslam. He is a sitting duck once Jax’s leap is out of the equation. If you miss your abilities, Jax will be able to run you down with ease, but there isn’t really a scenario where Jax wins this matchup, even if he is the more powerful champion.

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Kindred is another Jungler that could be annoying to use when going against Gragas. With Kindred's ultimate, Gragas is able to get her or her allies out of the ultimate using his ultimate. This is a very annoying problem that most Kindred players run into because even if you use your ultimate to save your team, Gragas can just simply knock them away and kill them with ease, so be sure to have lockdown onto Gragas or to make sure his ultimate is down.

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According to Mobalytics, here are the best champions to play with Gragas in League of Legends. Please note that this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Zed
  • Yone
  • Darius

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