Best Gaming Build Guide – Genshin Impact

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Best Gaming Build Guide – Genshin Impact

Here is the Best Gaming Build Guide with the best picks for his weapons and artifact sets

You may love this new 4-star in Genshin Impact as much as you love gaming and he is very aptly named ‘Gaming’! Known all over Liyue, Gaming is a Wushou Dancer with an impressive character design that makes him look like a 5-star unit. It doesn’t end there as Gaming comes with an extremely fun gameplay. This guide will help you decide on which equipment to choose when you build your Gaming! 

Best Gaming Build Guide

Gaming wields a Claymore and has a Pyro vision. His scallings are extraordinary, for a 4-star character. 

Top Weapons For Gaming

  • Wolf’s Gravestone: This 5-star option works amazing for Gaming and it is available on the Standard Banner. This would not only increase Gaming’s ATK with the passive and sub-stat but also increase the ATK of party members when opponents are running low on HP.

  • Serpent Spine: The unfortunate thing about Serpent Spine is that it is locked behind Premium Battle Pass. So it’s not an option for free-to-play players at all, but if you are a goldfish who occasionally buys the battle pass, why not opt for it? The passive will help Gaming deal 6% more damage for every 4 seconds he is on the field with a maximum of 5 stacks. However, the passive will also make Gaming take 3% more damage so a shielder on the team can help protect him.

  • Mailed Flower: Great F2P option if you were able to obtain from Windblume’s Breath Event and if you are running him in a Burgeon/Melt/Vape team, the Elemental Mastery sub-stat from the weapon is greatly beneficial for Gaming. When Elemental Reaction is triggered, ATK and EM will be further increased.

Other options include Lithic Blade, Rainslasher and Prototype Archaic. These have their own pros such as being free-to-play friendly but strict conditions to proc effects may prove to be challenging. 

Ideal Artifact Sets for Gaming

  • Crimson Witch of Flames 4 PC: Though it is known as Crimson Witch of Pain, this artifact set just stands undefeated for Pyro users. Pyro Damage is increased, thanks to the 2PC set bonus and the 4PC bonus allows every pyro-related elemental reaction to shine with a significant boost. While it seems futile to farm this set from the domains, you can opt for Artifact strongbox and fodder bad pieces.

  • Marechaussee Hunter 4 PC: Since his skill consumes HP and his passive talent allows him to heal himself, the 4PC bonus from this set is excellent for him. His Crit Rate will be significantly increased and that’s one less stat to worry about when you are building him. The drawback is that his plunging attacks are unfortunately not boosted by the 2PC bonus which increases damage dealt from Normal and Charged attacks.

  • Gilded Dreams 4 PC: This set is specifically good for an EM-based build, especially running him on a Burgeon team. His ATK will be increased if there are other Pyro members in the team, and his EM will be increased for any non-Pyro character.

Depending on the set you use as well as the overall stats, the Sands could be EM, ATK% or even Energy Recharge. Goblet should be Pyro Damage Bonus and lastly, Circlet should be CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate, whichever you need for a balanced build. 

Talent Priority for Gaming

The following order should be maintained when Gaming’s talents are being leveled up:

Elemental Skill ➜ Elemental Burst ➜ Normal Attack

Gaming’s kit surrounds Plunging Attacks but it doesn’t stem from his Normal Attack Talent. Instead, it falls under his Elemental Skill so leveling it up is no. 1 priority. Other than Elemental Burst also churns out good damage with a big enough AoE. Leveling up burst can enhance his overall output damage. 

How To Get Gaming

Gaming, like every other 4-star, will be available on the Standard Banner. As of the first half of Version 4.4, he is one of the featured characters in Nahida and Xianyun’s banner. Great News for F2P players is that he is one of the options in the free Liyue 4-star during this year’s Lantern Rite. So if you can’t get him from Gacha, you can obtain him for free.

If you are wondering about getting Gaming’s Constellations, his C3 will increase his Elemental Skill talent level by 3 and therefore, the scaling increase will help him perform better. C6 increases both CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG by 20% and 40% respectively, with a bigger attack radius. 

Pyro has always been one of the best elements in the game and Gaming is a great addition to the roster. His kit centering Plunging Attacks makes him very fun to play while also dealing dominating damage. It’s always more satisfying to build a 4-star unit and have them perform even better than their 5-star counterparts. For more news and guides related to Genshin Impact, explore more of ESTNN!

Best Gaming Build Guide – Genshin Impact
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