Best EA FC Settings PC – Get the Best Performance in FC 24

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Best EA FC Settings PC – Get the Best Performance in FC 24

What are the best EA FC settings PC? You can make quite a few more changes on this platform for a better performance, including the right EA FC camera settings.

Just like in any other game, you can get a bit of a competitive advantage by paying attention to your settings. The best EA FC settings PC has can make a significant difference. From improving how the game runs to reworking the exact details of your controls, there are quite a lot of changes you can make. If you want to play your best, using the right EA FC PC settings can make a big difference. Even more so than using the best settings on console, it makes a real difference here.

While this isn’t a shooter there are still major improvements you can make. There are ways the game assists you which you’ll need to get specific with if you don’t want them getting in your way. Plus, there’s your entire performance. Getting a decent frame rate is important from the best settings in EA FC 24. Performance on PC can be much better than on other platforms.

A great frame rate can up your reaction time and make things a lot easier online. The settings can get kind of complicated though. How do you know which settings are worth turning up and which aren’t too important?

We’re going to run you through the best EA FC settings on PC. This is what you need to know, what’s important, the EA FC camera settings, and what needs changing.

Best EA FC Settings PC

Heading into your settings on PC, you’ll have options to change up quite a few things. One of the more important things to get set up is your graphics and performance settings. These will help make sure the game is running in the best way. Then, there are gameplay settings which help you to get a better performance while you’re playing. This is everything you’ll need to change.

Best EA FC Settings PC

Graphics Settings – Best Settings EA FC 24

This area that is the most important for your game’s performance. With a lower load on graphics, you’ll be able to achieve a higher frame rate which can help you out in terms of FPS and performance. For these, you’ll want to dial the flares down quite a bit if you want the best possible performance. Similar to the best Valorant settings or any other competitive game. These are some general recommendations for the best EA FC settings PC.

  • Resolution – Native Resolution of your monitor
  • Refresh Rate – 144H or native monitor refresh rate
  • FPS – No Limit
  • V-Sync – Off
  • Anti-Aliasing – MSAA 4x
  • Texture Quality – Medium
  • Dynamic – Off
  • Cutscene – Fully Frame Rate
  • Strand Based Hair – Off
  • Rendering Quality – Ultra
  • Grass Quality – Low
  • Crowd Quality – Low
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These settings should help make sure you’re getting the best performance possible. If you have higher-level hardware, you can likely crank a few of these more visual settings up a bit though. The game can still look good with the best EA FC settings PC, so it might be worth compromising between performance and visuals some of the time.

Control Settings – Best Settings EA FC 24

The settings your inputs and controls are also important for performance. However, this doesn’t always have an objective best EA FC settings on PC. This is really an area where there’s more room for interpretation and what you personally prefer out of the game.

In terms of mapping, there isn’t really anything wrong with the default. If you’re particularly opposed to one input it makes sense to switch it. However, otherwise, you’re basically fine to leave it as it is.

Once you’ve got your settings set up, you’ll be able to save them by using the options button again. EA does sometimes have a bug for changing settings which can cause them to reset though Make sure you’re double-checking when you open the game as this bug can really cause some problems.

Other Settings – EA FC Camera Settings and More

Best EA FC Settings PC

Alongside the game settings and display configuration choices, there are a few other sections. These deal with customizing controls for things like the audio, and some other sliders. These are basically just up to you. They won’t affect your performance and it's purely down to what you want to pick. These are like picking your favorite 5-star player, they’re all pretty solid. Not really a universal choice for the best settings in EA FC 24 here.

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There are also the camera settings though. While more down to interpretation, there are some choices you can make with the EA FC 24 camera settings to see some improvements.

EA FC Camera Settings

There’s a bit of interpretation open to getting the best EA FC camera settings, but these are some picks which are working pretty well so far. They offer a balanced view of the field and are a great starting point before you dial in to find the exact pick for you.

  • Tele Broadcast Mode
  • Height – 14-16
  • Camera Zoom – Low

Minimum and Recommended Hardware

EA FC 24, first update

Before you can optimise everything with the best EA FC settings PC, you’ll need to make sure you can actually run it. How well your hardware matches up to the recommended specs can help you get things optimized. If you’re above or close to the recommended you can likely dial up the graphics a bit more without performance suffering too much.

Although, if you’re closer to the minimum you’ll likely need to keep visual flare on the down low if you want to get the best performance out of the game. These are the minimum and recommended specs for the best EA FC settings PC.

Minimum Hardware

  • Memory – 8 GB
  • Graphics – AMD
  • CPU – Intel Core i5-6600K
  • File Size – 100 GB
  • OS – Windows 10 64-Bit

Recommended Specs

  • Memory – 12 GB
  • Graphics Card – AMD
  • CPU – Intel Core i7-6700
  • File Size – 100 GB
  • OS – Windows 10 64-Bit

If you can reach the recommended specs then you can definitely turn stuff up a bit without sacrificing too much in performance. Otherwise, you might need to dial down the quality when picking the best EA FC settings PC.

Those are our picks for the best settings in EA FC 24. On PC, you have a lot more control over how you play and the performance that you get. If you want to stay competitive it makes sense to optimize everything that you can. As much as you’d use the best teams in EA FC 24, getting the right performance out of the game can help you go further beyond just going for a meta pick.

Best EA FC Settings PC – Get the Best Performance in FC 24
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