Best Cloud Gaming Platforms in 2023

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Best Cloud Gaming Platforms in 2023

In recent years, cloud gaming is a topic that has received more and more interest from gamers. With millions of users starting down this path, various companies have adapted to public requests and have begun to create specific cloud gaming platforms for their customers. In this article, we will talk about the best cloud gaming platforms in 2023, giving you some information about them, so that we can help you with your choice.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offered by Microsoft for their Xbox gaming platform, including both Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. It provides subscribers with access to a wide library of games that they can download and play as long as they maintain an active subscription. The games available on Xbox Game Pass range from various genres and include titles from both Microsoft's own studios and third-party developers.

There are three different tiers for this subscription:

  • Xbox Game Pass Console (10,99$/mo)
  • Xbox Game Pass PC (9,99$/mo)
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (14,99$/mo)

Xbox Game Pass Console

This version of the service is specifically for Xbox consoles, providing a rotating selection of games that can be downloaded and played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Xbox Game Studios games are available from day one, you have access to discounts and deals, and you can unlock Riot Games advantages.

Xbox Game Pass PC

It has the same benefits we have outlined for the console version, but it also has included in the subscription the EA Play subscription, with a selection of EA games.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

As the name suggests, it's the ultimate experience. You have both the console and PC versions of the subscription in one place, plus the former Live Gold, as well as the EA Play subscription.

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The Xbox Game Pass library is regularly updated, with new games being added and some rotating out over time. Microsoft has been actively expanding the service and adding high-profile titles to it, making it a popular choice for gamers who want access to a diverse range of games without having to purchase each game individually.

xbox game pass

GeForce Now

NVIDIA, a firm well-known for its graphics processing units (GPUs) and gaming technology, created the cloud gaming service GeForce NOW. With the help of GeForce NOW, players can stream and play video games on a variety of devices—even if those devices don't necessarily have the technology needed to run the games locally. In essence, it gives gamers the ability to play games remotely on strong servers that NVIDIA owns.

There are three different tiers for this subscription:

  • Free
  • Priority (9,99$/mo)
  • Ultimate (19,99$/mo)


As can be trivially understood, the Free tier can be used by anyone at no additional cost. Obviously, it has many limitations and allows one-hour game sessions (although there is no maximum number of sessions per day), basic Rig, and standard access to gaming servers.


The Priority level is the most requested. It features Premium Rig, priority access to premium servers, 6-hour game sessions, resolutions up to 1080p, and up to 60 FPS.


The Latest tier is the most complete and offers the most things. Provide GeForce RTX 4080 System, exclusive access to RTX 4080 servers, 8-hour gaming sessions, up to 4K resolution, and up to 120 FPS.

geforce now

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service developed by Sony. Sony has recently made a revolution regarding its subscription services, to bring them more in line with those of its counterparts. From the merger between PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus was born, divided into three different tiers. If the first tier, called Essential, is what the old PlayStation Plus offered, the new tiers provide a regularly updated library of games, exclusive discounts, free trials, and more.

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There are three different tiers for this subscription:

  • PlayStation Plus Essential (8,99$/mo)
  • PlayStation Plus Extra (13,99$/mo)
  • PlayStation Plus Premium (16,99$/mo)

PlayStation Plus Essential

The basic tier of the new PlayStation Plus cannot be considered a cloud gaming service, but we have decided to include it anyway just for the completeness of the information. This tier offers various services including Monthly Games, Online Multiplayer, Discounts and Exclusive Content, Cloud Storage Memory, Share Play, and Game Guide (for games that support it).

PlayStation Plus Extra

The second tier, also not categorized in cloud gaming services, in addition to providing all the services of the Essential tier, also provides a rich catalog of games that is constantly updated and also the Ubisoft+ Classics subscription, in which a selection of titles from the French software house.

PlayStation Plus Premium

Finally, the last tier, the Premium, in addition to including all the benefits of the Extra (and consequently also of the Essential), also provides a constantly evolving catalog of classic games from past PlayStation consoles, the possibility of playing streaming games, and the ability to try to select titles for a trial period before purchasing.

ps plus

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming service developed and operated by Amazon. It's designed to allow users to stream and play video games on a variety of devices, similar to other cloud gaming platforms like GeForce NOW. Luna is intended to be compatible with a range of devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, Fire TV devices, and web browsers.

Instead of offering a standalone subscription that provides access to a library of games, Luna offers different channels that users can subscribe to. For example, the Ubisoft+ channel provides access to Ubisoft games. For what concerns pricing, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can have access to Amazon Luna at no additional cost. For a new subscriber, instead, the fee is 9,99$/mo.

amazon luna

Best Cloud Gaming Platforms in 2023
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