BDS Roster Changes for LEC Week 6: LIMIT Back in LEC, Erdote in LFL

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BDS Roster Changes for LEC Week 6: LIMIT Back in LEC, Erdote in LFL

Among an already rough split, BDS are forced to make roster changes for LEC Week 6 with LIMIT set to return.

LEC Summer 2022 is not going very well for BDS as they are dead last in the league with only one win after five weeks of gameplay. With the performances of the team having been a source of criticism for the fans. As we near the last three weeks, BDS really needs wins if they will have any chance to contest for a playoff spot, and their chances are really astronomical, and it doesn’t look like luck is on their side.

According to a report yesterday from Upcomer’s Brieuc “LEC Wooloo” Seeger, BDS will have to start Dino ‘LIMIT’ Tot as their starting support, and Robert ‘Erdote’ Nowak will be playing in the LFL for Team BDS Academy. Even though BDS is struggling, the roster change is not because of Erdote’s performance. Per Wooloo, the change is happening because “…current BDS Academy support Tobias ‘Dreamer Ace’ Schreckeneder asked to not play anymore due to personal reasons.”

Despite the Academy support being the role they required a replacement, BDS couldn’t have just played LIMIT in LFL due to the rules and regulations of the ERLs. Article 1.4.2. of the European Regional League rulebook states: “If a player has played more than 50% of eligible regular season games in a Professional League in at least two out of the last three completed splits, then they will be considered a “Veteran” player. An ERL starting lineup cannot include more than two Veteran players at a time.” There are currently two Veterans playing for BDS Academy, Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane and Juš ‘Crownshot’ Marušič.

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LIMIT has been with BDS ever since the organization bought out Schalke 04’s LEC spot, the team LIMIT was on previously. He was replaced by Erdote at the start of the Summer Split and was supposed to play on the BDS Academy team, but couldn’t due to the Veteran rule previously mentioned in the article. BDS as an organization was criticized heavily by the fans because of their oversight, and the LEC head coach Fabian ‘GrabbZ’ Lohmann took on full responsibility for the incident.

A very hard Week 6 schedule is waiting for BDS around the corner as they will have to face both G2 and Fnatic this week. Even though G2 is the only team they beat this split and Fnatic is having a personal meltdown, it looks to be two hard games in a row for the young squad.

On the other hand, BDS Academy is going into the biggest week of the split for them, as they currently are in a heated playoff race with KCorp and Misfits Premier. They currently sit in fourth place with a 9-7 record, and the other teams are tied for fifth with only one win behind. BDS Academy needs only one win to guarantee a playoff spot, as they have the tie-breaker advantage over both teams, who will be playing each other tomorrow. If you would like to follow the last week of the LFL regular season, you can catch the English stream on Northern Arena Twitch channel.

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BDS Roster Changes for LEC Week 6: LIMIT Back in LEC, Erdote in LFL
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