Baldur’s Gate 3 Reviews Roundup

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Reviews Roundup

Online Baldur's Gate 3 reviews demonstrate how the game persuaded reviewers to give Larian Studio Games' most recent creation very high marks. This is obviously not fresh, as many had already gone too far in claiming that the game will be a “masterpiece” during the early access period. A PlayStation 5 version of the game will be released next month in addition to the official release of the game tomorrow for PC. In this Baldur's Gate 3 reviews roundup article, we have chosen to include evaluations from some of the top specialized magazines in the industry in case you are still on the fence about purchasing the game.

Since the reviews are still unscored, we will constantly update this article to give you a specific grade that major websites have given to Baldur's Gate 3.

We Got this Covered – 9/10

“An excellent follow-up to its decades-old predecessor, ‘Baldur's Gate III' sets a new gold standard for RPGs in the modern age. Though it has its fair share of buggy problems, the vibrant world, intriguing storytelling, and captivating gameplay more than make up for its shortcomings.” [Read full review] – Ash Martinez

PCGamesN – Unscored

“Yep, I’ll tell you, I’ve seen some things in my first 30 hours of Baldur’s Gate 3. The first act had a bit of everything, and I harbour my own regrets for missed opportunities, but I’m looking forward to seeing where my gang will go – and the glaring mistakes I’ll inevitably make in an effort to save everyone from the tadpole menace. Baldur's Gate 3's world is beautiful, layered and complex, and challenges you to attack it how you want. And though this is what makes it a little daunting, it's also what makes me eager to dive back in and see where the adventure is going.” [Read full review] – Paul Kelly

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Gfinity – Unscored

Baldur's Gate 3 is epic in size, scale, and scope. Developer Larian Studios has managed to harness its expertise from crafting the Divinity series, while pivoting to the Dungeons and Dragons franchise.” [Read full review] – Jason Rodriguez

Attack of the Fanboy – Unscored

“Baldur's Gate 3 shocks me with it's high level of player freedom found in customization, decisions, and consequences, and the compelling stories, both micro and macro, mixed with the expansive gameplay possibilities.” [Read full review] – Noah Nelson

GamesRadar+ – Unscored

“For now, suffice to say that Baldur's Gate 3 feels a little bit like Larian has accomplished the impossible. This is an entire, years-long pen-and-paper roleplaying campaign realized in beautiful fidelity, in a way that brings every tiny detail of your mind's eye to life. It's a Witcher-style elevation of its source material, a game that lives and breathes its tabletop origins so deeply that to see it transfer them so completely from the page to the screen almost feels wrong.” [Read full review] – Ali Jones

IGN – Unscored

“On the whole, I really am loving Baldur's Gate 3 so far. It definitely has some blemishes, from minor bugs to a combat system that I don't exactly adore at lower levels. But I’ve been waiting 14 years for another alignment of the planets like Dragon Age: Origins, when an old-school CRPG got a big enough budget to look like a high quality animated movie – but the design hadn't been completely steered in the wrong direction in a misguided attempt to reach a different market like the later two Dragon Ages. This is the closest anyone has ever come to recapturing that magic.” [Read full review] – Leana Hafer

PC Gamer – Unscored

“I might not be ready to give it a score yet, but if it wasn't immediately obvious: Baldur's Gate 3 is utterly brilliant. So far. Let's see if it can keep this up for the next 80 hours. And I'll be updating this review-in-progress in the meantime, so come back for my thoughts on things like co-op and the titular city. Pretty much all of us at PCG are playing, too, so expect plenty of takes, features and guides on every aspect of this mammoth RPG.” [Read full review] – Fraser Brown

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GGRecon – Unscored

“Larian Studios is on a heck of a hot streak, and Baldur’s Gate 3’s early signs suggest it could be the studio’s biggest success to date. With rich lore and ample customisation for how you approach the world alongside gorgeous visuals, it’s shaping up to be a title that I’ll remember for a long time – and I’m only in Act 1.” [Read full review] – Ava Thompson-Towell

Wccftech – Unscored

“Being a game sporting 100 hours of playtime and above, and tons of replayability, it is not possible to score Baldur's Gate 3 with only a fraction of that playtime. While Act 1 feels as polished as expected, it remains to be seen if the following acts maintain the same quality, especially when it comes to the world reacting to the player's choices. As of now, however, I feel Larian Studios has done a tremendous job, creating one, if not the most engaging cRPG in a very long time.” [Read full review] – Francesco De Meo

Good is a Geek – Unscored

“What I’ve played so far has me utterly enraptured. Now I’ve spent time learning to fight by the game’s rules, learning that if I want to succeed I have to read everything, study every spell, understand the intricacies of the dice rolls both shown and hidden, I am beginning to understand what the game wants from me. It’s gargantuan, intricate, complex and utterly unwilling to treat anyone softly and Larian don’t seem overly worried that this may put people off. Time will tell if it does, but for now I’m both stunned and awed by the potential here, and I’m happy to be intimidated by the adventure that lies before me.” [Read full review] – Mick Fraser

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Reviews Roundup
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