Backpack Battles Tier List-Best Builds

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Backpack Battles Tier List-Best Builds

Go through this Backpack Battles tier list to find the best build options in your class

After a successful Early Access phase, Backpack Battles is here with more build options than ever. This innovative inventory management title throws you into a strategic scramble to optimize your backpack's contents. Experiment with dozens of character combinations and item synergies to dominate the competition. Remember, victory hinges on crafting the ultimate backpack setup, not just acquiring the best individual items. Here’s a Backpack Battle tier list for the best builds that will help you find the most powerful combos in the game. 

Backpack Battles Tier List for Best Builds

Backpack Battles explodes with item possibilities, creating a vast landscape for build experimentation. While this guide showcases some top-performing builds for each class we have discovered so far, you will have to keep looking for even more exciting opportunities to pop up. As players share strategies and the meta gets more refined, we expect even more powerful combinations to emerge. Consider this Backpack Battles tier list a starting point for your own creative exploration. Remember, the Armory never sleeps! With all that said, here are the Backpack Battles builds we would like to highlight: 

The Poison Explosion Reaper

The Reaper excels at applying poison, with her starting coffin automatically adding the nasty status effect to any item within. But let's take it a step further!

Invest in a couple of Death Scythes. These powerful weapons dish out serious damage, but be aware of their high stamina cost.

Fill the remaining slots with Strong Pestilence Flasks. Each use showers your opponent with poison, stacking up the damage over time.

With this setup, you can expect to inflict a staggering 80-100 poison counters on your enemies! In my experience, I averaged around 86, but keep in mind you'll need a steady supply of yellow potions (for the Flasks) to maintain this toxic flow.

Green gems are your secret weapon. By socketing them into your Death Scythes, you can amplify the poison inflicted with each strike. This potent combination maximizes your Reaper's strengths. Death Scythes deliver massive damage, while Green gems ensure your opponents are crippled by lingering poison. 

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Consider incorporating Vampiric items like the Blood Goobert or Vampiress Comb. These accessories steal life from your enemies with each strike, effectively mitigating the self-damage from the Death Scythe and keeping you in the fight.

Healing potions offer a more direct approach to replenishing your health. Additionally, green or yellow gems socketed into your Death Scythe can provide passive healing or increased stamina regeneration, further extending your destructive potential.

Since this build has so many damage inflicting potential, we had to include it in our Backpack Battles tier list. 

Double Axe Berserker 

Backpack Battles Tier List-Best Builds
Credit: PlayWithFurcifer, Zenaton on YouTube

The Berserker, a fearsome warrior exclusive to the full release of Backpack Battles, charges into battle with a fury unlike any other class. This powerhouse boasts a massive pool of stamina and a raging heart, unleashing a burst of power once per round. To make the most out of a Berserker, you must equip yourself with the heaviest weapons you can find. Greatswords, Axes, and anything that packs a punch will maximize your damage output. The Double Axe, which is a Berserker-exclusive item in the game, will give you the most powerful Berserker build, in my experience. 

For maximizing the effectiveness of this build, we would recommend storing your Double Axe in a Duffle Bag for increased striking frequency. You can also add the Dog Collar to the mix to increase your damage potential even further. The Dog Collar isn't just an accessory – it equips your melee attacks with vicious spikes. This brutal addition shreds through enemies, making it a perfect fit for this build.

Fire Pyromancer 

The Fire Pyromancer is all about building an arsenal of Fire items and armors. Fire is the cornerstone of this build. It's cheap (only one coin!), making it easy to consistently fill your Pyromancer Bag. While fire is your offense, defense is equally crucial. Invest in sturdy armor to withstand enemy attacks while you channel your inner inferno. Anything besides Fire placed in your Pyromancer Bag is a wasted opportunity. Remember, consistency is key. By maintaining a steady flow of flames, you'll unlock the true power of your pyromantic abilities.

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All fire based weapons are excellent for this build. The Chili Goobert and Phoenix can passively enhance your fire damage, adding an extra bite to your fiery assault. You can unleash a relentless barrage of fiery jabs with the Molten Spear. It’s perfect for close quarters combat. The Lit Torch is another low-cost addition to this build that can provide a steady stream of fiery damage. Staff of Fire is another weapon we must give a shoutout for this build. Stock up on yellow stamina potions alongside your fiery arsenal. You don't want your attacks to sputter out due to stamina depletion.

Critwood Staff Ranger

The Ranger is at their best when chaining attacks together. The Critwood Staff feeds into this perfectly, allowing you to weave a deadly web of critical hits, leaving foes with nowhere to run. This potent staff delivers a symphony of pain. Unleash its power for a mere four mana. You can deal seven additional damage by using it and get a devastating critical hit. Watch your enemies crumble under a relentless barrage of pure crit-fueled fury.

The Ranger transforms into a critical hit machine with the right backpack setup. Here's why:

  • Ranger Bag Bonus:  Strap on a Ranger Bag, and watch your critical hit chance soar by 10%! Each additional Ranger Bag adds another 3%, making you a crit-generating powerhouse. Stack them strategically, and witness your critical strikes become a constant menace.
  • Beyond the Bag: The Ranger's deadliness isn't limited to Ranger Bags. Even when paired with other items like the Pandemonium Staff, your critical prowess shines. This versatility ensures you can dominate any situation, adapting your strategy on the fly.

This build has quickly become my personal favorite. The sheer power and adaptability it offers make the Ranger an unstoppable force. Witnessing a constant stream of critical hits decimate your opponents is simply exhilarating! I believe most players would agree that this is one of the best Backpack Battles builds at the moment.

Backpack Battles Tier List-Best Builds
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