Backpack Battles Ranks Complete Guide (2024)

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Backpack Battles Ranks Complete Guide (2024)

Diving into Backpack Battles ranks, what each tier looks like and how to level up your game in this comfy “auto battler” indie.

Backpack Battles' PvP inventory management is another unlikely marriage of genres that surprisingly works. Despite being in Early Access, the inventory strategy fighter game's fun and intuitive combat mechanics has led to overwhelmingly positive feedback on the game's Steam page. But there's more to Bakcpack Battles than casual PvE matches.

Players that want to put their Ranger builds to the test can head into the game's Ranked mode, where Backpack Battles offers 7 tiers of play. Here's everything you need to know about Backpack Battles ranks!

Backpack Battles Ranks


backpack battles ranks

Where everyone starts out.

Bronze in Backpack Battles means that you're just starting to take the game seriously. Optimized Ranger builds are very useful in the current meta, so use them to get out of Bronze quicker.

Playing cards like “White-Eyes Blue Dragon” are powerful when they're paired with Nocturnal Lock Lifter and Strong Health Potions are essential for that extra sustain.

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backpack battles ranks

Silver tier players know what playstyles works best for them, and add additional food buffs to make it work. That said, Backpack Battles ranks like Silver and Gold are harder to climb out of since they contain the most players.

Going with a damage build? Bring a couple of Spiked Shields in case you run into a player who brought plenty of food buffs. Builds in Silver rank are all about defense, but don't be afraid to throw in the occasional Accessory. Unique builds will always throw your opponents off.


backpack battles ranks

Gold rank is where players start to get good. Be aware of the current meta before heading into Gold, or you'll take a quick stumble back into Silver.

The best counter-builds involve building gemmed shields early on before investing in stronger items. Having Dark Gems on your Armor lets you withstand “Berserker” double-axe players and get some damage in edgewise.

backpack battles ranks

Weapons also play a vital role in your damage output. But it can be hard to choose among Backpack Battles' assortment of bows, swords, axes and scythes. Luckily, each stat is fairly straighforward, and the most powerful weapons are shown in each balance update.


backpack battles ranks

Builds with more item variety win out in Paltinum rank.

There are thousands of item combinations in Backpack Battles, and Platinum rank players know which ones are optimal. On top of that, they know when to improvise when the going gets tough.

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Pyromancer abuse builds get so much done on this tier due to the way the class is built. Starting with Flames + Sword gives you so much ability “haste” while upping your HP max early on. The stacks you get in the lategame are insanely varied as well. Overall, it is a very good class to cheese your way out of Platinum with.


backpack battles ranks

The first high-tier level amongst Backpack Battles ranks. If you reach Diamond, you are probably in the 3% of all Ranked players.

Diamond players assess their performance after every game and get a leg-up by predicting what the enemy's lategame build is going to be. They find ways to constantly adapt and evolve their strategies, and reach higher ranks in less than a day.


backpack battles ranks

These players of Backpack Battles ranks as the top 2%.

Players on this tier know every detail of their builds and can outmaneuver popular meta strats. Queue times start to drag here as the game struggles to find players in the same skillpool.


backpack battles ranks

The top 1% of all Backpack Battles ranks.


backpack battles ranks

The 1% of the 1%.

Grandma players that can stay on this tier have carefully memorized how every build works, and have extremely min-maxed their resources. And at this point, the shop's RNG is your worst enemy.

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