Atlas Fallen Dev Diary Shows Some Gameplay

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Atlas Fallen Dev Diary Shows Some Gameplay

Deck13 and Focus Entertainment just released an Atlas Fallen dev diary showcasing gameplay from the game. After announcing the PC requirements yesterday, the developers have decided to while away the wait for the release of the game, which we remember to be set for August 10th on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, showing fans a video that allows you to have a better overview of what will be the Atlas Fallen gameplay mechanics.

Atlas Fallen dev diary gameplay

“Over the years, the innovators at Deck13, a small but talented team of developers based in Frankfurt, Germany, have constantly strived to improve the RPG experiences they offer by exploring new ideas within their in-house engine, Fledge. Players will soon be able to explore the fascinating world of Atlas and battle its extraordinary beasts: the game will be released in August, extending or accompanying the joy of summer days and holidays.”

“Meanwhile, the gameplay presentation offers a glimpse into the upcoming thrill of combining exploration and combat, with the vision of the people who created it. Let yourself be carried away by their vibrant energy as you prepare for a world covered in sand, full of hidden mysteries and breathtaking locations, and an easy-to-use and powerful combat system, offering immediate sensations and freedom to customize your play style.”

Atlas Fallen Dev Diary Shows Some Gameplay
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