Atlanta FaZe Duo Absolutely Destroy in Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament

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Atlanta FaZe Duo Absolutely Destroy in Twitch Rivals Call of Duty: Warzone Tournament

Everything kept tumbling down as the Atlanta FaZe continued their Call of Duty League destruction.

The Twitch Rivals team, which consists of Aydan, Priestahh, and Abezy, won $7800 during two days of competition. Priestahh and Abezy are both pros and a part of the Atlanta FaZe. Notably, the prize money that they have won does not consist of bonus money that they grabbed during the past two days.

The competition incorporated a total of a $100,000 prize pool. Among this, $39,000/day was included in Public Matchmaking and $11,000/day was in Bonuses. First place on both days acquired $6,000, while second place received $4,200 and third place took home $3,600.

The first day of the tournament occurred on March 25th. It consisted of solos matches, while the trios took place on March 26.

Second to the Team Aydan in trios was Team TeePee, who scored 367 points in their games. Team Mendokusaii, with 337 points, stands third in the final standings.

Call of Duty War Zone Rivals

On the first day of Twitch Rivals, the competition was solos-based. These solo matches saw Team DrDisrespect reigning supreme, with a whopping 211 points in five games. Notably, Team ImMarksman also ended with 211 points. But they achieved a lower “Best Game” points tally: 46 in contrast to Disrespects’ 48. This is why they had to settle for second. The third position was grabbed by Team TeePee with 193 points.

In overall rankings, Team Aydan again proved their supremacy thanks to the first and eight finish in trios and solos respectively. Team TeePee claimed the second position, while third place went to Team DrDisrespect.

Twitch Rivals was quick to form this competition for popular streamers and pros considering that Warzone was launched on March 10th. A great thing about Twitch Rivals is that it has allowed almost all of the participants to stream their matches whenever they chose to.

This feature gives viewers various options to choose from. If they want to see the game from the point of view of their favorite streamers, they can do that. Or, if they just want to see highlights of all those participating in the competition, then they could go to the main Twitch Rivals channel.

Moving FaZe Forward

The Call of Duty craze is on a frenzied novelty ride as of late, taking a backseat to the Corona panic. So many esports events have been canceled entirely, including the Call of Duty League. The FaZe Clan recently sent out this message to fans and players alike.

“Over the last two weeks, we've had over 100 different names in Gaming, Sports, & Music come together competing in the name of raising money for charities affected by COVID-19.  Round 3 takes place this Monday, March 30th. Stay tuned for this Week's participants!”

Hopefully, this outbreak will cease within a month or two. Otherwise, the ESTNN staff, as well as diehard Call of Duty fans and avid players, might just lose their minds to self-contained quarantine hysteria. How much Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel and Nacho Doritos will we all eat by the time it is all finally over is still to be determined!

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