Asmongold Calls Out Viewers For Accusing Him Of Faking Mental Health Issues

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Asmongold Calls Out Viewers For Accusing Him Of Faking Mental Health Issues

When Asmongold was reacting to community posts on his subreddit, the Cataclysm stream and $200K USD donation was brought up, resulting in Asmongold hitting back at the critics. 

Asmongold Calls Out Viewers For Accusing Him Of Faking Mental Health Issues

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Asmongold, who is a popular streamer and One True King (OTK) owner, has recently fallen under the bus because of his fans awaiting a specific piece of content from the game, World of Warcraft (WoW). In March 2022, he and his fellow One True King (OTK) members raised more than $500K USD from doing charity streams for Ukrainians. Asmongold promised his fans as a reward, he would make another entry to his popular World of Warcraft (WoW) gameplays where he entertains viewers with tales from his various original gameplays of World of Warcraft’s expansions.

He uncovered the backlash he was receiving because of delaying this reward during his stream on July 6th when he was browsing his subreddit. He came across the community post which had a countdown of how many days passed since he promised the still unpublished content. Upon discovering the post, he told his fans:

“Yeah, you guys are right on this one. I do need to do this, holy sh*t. Like, let me just think what do I have to do.” He paused for a brief moment, then said, “Okay, the reason why it is harder for me to do the Cataclysm one is because I have to block out so many f*cking things. I am probably gonna just have to put a default black box on the chat, so nobody can read what’s in there. ”

He then proceeded to explain to his Twitch chat why he would have to block out some things/ He told them that it was a lot, and it would take a lot of work to do the stream but he would do it, telling his chat that they are right. Then, things took a nasty turn when he scrolled down to the comments accusing him of faking his mental health issues and started reading them. He was shocked and immediately refuted the claims saying:

“Oh no no no no. Guys, what’s this weird shit? Yo, what’s this weird sh*t? Wait wait wait, hold up.” He then started defending himself and explained, “I just want people to understand, like real quick, the reason why I had that panic attack sh*t. It was because like, I had just like, spent 13 hours playing a game and I woke up, my leg felt weird.” 

He scrolled further down the community post’s comment, reading more comments and continued, “Like the stream and sh*t? That was like a second thing. Like, I felt like I had a lump on my neck. It wasn’t because of like Reddit comments or shit like that. Yeah, it had nothing to do with it, with my stream. It had in a way, but not in that way.” 

He explained to his viewers that he was scared and thought he had a blood clot, so he went to the emergency room and got an ultrasound of his leg. He told them that was the reason why he had a panic attack, and not over “b*ullshit like this.” The OTK owner then said that he was fine with viewers calling him out for not doing the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (WoW) and not uploading it yet despite promising it 16 months or 446 days ago. He told his Twitch chat:

“Like, ya’ll can talk about this all you want. Like, that’s fine, but don’t think I am gonna have a panic attack over this sh*t, get the f*ck outta here, that’s weird!” He read a comment from his chat telling him to move around during his streams and responded, “I just don’t wanna have people say that, you know? It’s a normal concern, yeah.”  He read another comment which said that some viewers think mental health issues are funny, to which he responded:

“No, I don’t have any problem with them joking around about it. I just didn’t want people to think…” He paused and continued, “I don’t want people to get the wrong impression. People can joke around with whatever the f*ck, right? That’s okay. But the problem is that I don’t want people to think I was using some sort of like mental or emotional thing to like avoid having to do a stream. Like no, what the f*ck? It was because I thought something was legitimately wrong with me” 

He then ended that conversation and moved on to reading other community posts on his subreddit. The problem here is that viewers assume things and accuse others of doing something without knowing the full backstory and reasons behind it. This causes popular streamers like Asmongold to be under fire for no reason whatsoever. Because Asmongold did explain why he was delaying the stream of the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm gameplay. He promised the viewers he will do it. He told the Twitch chat that he owed it to them and would do it for them even though he didn’t give a specific time frame for it. 

The Reddit post that originally called out Asmongold on his delayed stream has since been deleted. We don’t know when the long-awaited gameplay stream will come out, but Asmongold said that he understands he owes it to the people who donated and he will do it. So, there is nothing we can do but wait but make sure to keep your eyes open for the stream. And when the stream does release, we will make sure to let you know, so stay tuned!

Asmongold Calls Out Viewers For Accusing Him Of Faking Mental Health Issues
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