Ashe Counters In League of Legends

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Ashe Counters In League of Legends

Are you struggling and constantly losing against Ashe in League of Legends? Not to worry, this article will help you pick the best champions to play into Ashe.

Ashe is currently one of the strongest champions to play both at ADC and Support in the bottom lane in League of Legends right now. Ashe is very strong right now into some of the best champions in the game based on multiple-tier lists. ESTNN is here to bring you the best Ashe counters in League of Legends. This article will also tell you the worst champions that can be picked into Ashe and also the best Support picks to combo with the Frost Archer.

Best Ashe Counters in LoL


Even if the laning phase can be difficult, Kog’Maw has one of the better win rates against Ashe in League of Legends. The key in this matchup for Kog is to avoid being constantly poked by her W. This will not only chunk you down but also apply a show, which multiple long-range auto attacks can follow up. If Ashe can get on top of you, she will chunk you down. Make sure to cleanse or be ready to flash away from her ultimate. If she hits you with that, you are likely dead. On the flip side, Ashe also has low mobility, so if you can apply your slow, you should look to all-in to see if the position in the lane is correct. That means if Ashe is pushed up the lane and unable to return to her turret. Even with your ultimate, it would be very difficult for you to kill her under turret, so just look to poke her out of lane with your ultimate and keep your distance unless you have cleanse because then you can take more aggressive trades.


Nilah is also one of the strongest ADCs in the game right now and is a great counterpick against Ashe. Your W can block a lot of damage Ashe wants to inflict on you through her poke. Although it will not block Ashes ultimate, taking cleanse is more than fine into this matchup since your abilities will allow you to heal. You want to try and save your W for when Ashe is using her empowered Q, this is what inflicts the most damage while also slowing you drastically. You want to get aggressive with Ashe in this lane. Even with your W, she will still poke you down when it is on cooldown. So look for early trades with her, that is when Nilah is at her strongest.

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Although Twitch does not perform well into Ashe in the first couple of levels, the tide quickly turns the closer Twitch gets to 6. With Ashe’s range advantage, Twitch needs to rely on the support to do most of the heavy lifting with a clean engage unless you can use your invisibility to catch Ashe off guard. If the enemy Ashe wants to sit back and farm, this is Twitch's prime opportunity to cause chaos in the jungle or the mid-lane. So many players are caught off guard by Twitch magically appearing in their lane. Having a support with hard CCs such as Leona or Nautilus should be more than enough to counter Ashe. From there, Ashe will be behind Twitch as the mid-to-late game approaches.

Worst ADC’s To Pick Into Ashe In League of Legends

Aphelios is statistically the worst pick into Ashe in League of Legends. Outside of Calibrum, Ashe has the range advantage in this lane. This means all Ashe has to do is wait out Calibrum and avoid being poked out. Aphelios is a fairly easy champion to poke out of lane and when it comes to level 6, there is only one winner in that match-up. Using Ashe’s ultimate onto Aphelios rather than the support is recommended. Even with cleanse, the follow-up from your support should be more than enough to lock down Aphelios. Playing against Aphelios is simply understanding when he is at his strongest, and that depends on his gun combination. Aphelios does have CC, so it is simply about paying attention and attacking when it best suits Ashe.

Caitlyn is the second-worst ADC to pick into Ashe right now in League of Legends patch. With Caitlyn being one of the strongest ADCs at range, Ashe has a kit that is safe enough to counter what Cait wants to achieve in the lane. The aim with Caitlyn is to gain early game control, which will happen against almost every ADC in the game right now, and to gain early tower plates to snowball her into the mid-game. Ashes W and range will help trade with Caitlyn from a safe distance. Once level 6, Ashe begins to turn the tables as Caitlyn does not have many ways of escaping hard crowd control, meaning Ashe should be able to chase her down with Ghost since Caitlyn should be pushed far enough up the lane. Even with that being said, a solid Caitlyn player will still be the aggressor in this lane, it is just about being patient and picking the correct moments to walk up, trade, and engage with Caitlyn.

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Despite being a hyper carry, Kai’Sa struggles massively in the lane against Ashe, who is able to lock her down and keep her at bay. Kai’Sa is a very immobile champion when her E and ultimate are on cooldown. Ashe’s volley should be used at will to chip away at Kai’Sa’s health bar. Level six is the game-changer for this matchup. To win this match up hard, the support needs to have a hard CC that can lock down Kai’Sa initially to either force Kai’Sa into using her ultimate or cleanse if they are smart enough to pick the summoner spell. Once Cleanse or her ultimate has been blown, then Ashe is free to use her ultimate to secure the kill.

Best Duos To Pick Against Ashe

According to Mobalytics, here are the best supports for playing with Ashe in League of Legends. Please note that this article will be updated as new patches are released. For more information on when a new League of Legends patch will be released, check out our patch schedule article here.

  • Zyra
  • Maokai
  • Leona

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