Arcane Season 2 First Look All Easter Eggs

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Arcane Season 2 First Look All Easter Eggs

The first teaser for Arcane Season 2 has finally been released, and there’s a lot of references in it even though it’s not that lengthy.

Arcane is one of the greatest things to come out of League of Legends. The series set in Piltover and Zaun was immensely popular after it’s released, and remains one of the best animated series and video game adaptations in history. It’s rated the 27th TV Show on IMDB with a total of 22 award wins and 5 nominations, with the lowest rated episode being 8.5, while the highest is 9.6. It also brought heaps of players to League of Legends, making the game even more popular.

When Riot Games announced that Arcane Season 2 will arrive near the end of 2024, the fans were disappointed – and understandably so. The first Season released back in 2021, and while high quality animated shows take time to produce, 3 years is a long time. However, Riot released the first teaser for Arcane Season 2, which has some awesome easter eggs. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Arcane Season 1!

Arcane Season 2 First Look All Easter Eggs

Singed is becoming more like himself

One of the biggest revelations of Arcane Season 1 was the master of Viktor. The (so far) not cyborg genius has been trained and taught by none other than Singed, the Mad Chemist. Singed was also the one who created Shimmer, the drug/enhancer that made Silco rose to power, helped revive Powder/Jinx, while also made Vi’s and Jinx’s adoptive father, Vander into a hulking brute – which meant that he could save his daughters.

Arcane Season 2 Singed

Singed is looking more and more like himself in the new teaser, his signature green eye and bandages appearing – as he’s giving a blood transfusion to a particular character.

Vander = Warwick (?)

In the first Season of Arcane, Vander was captured by Silco’s underlings, and as he was dragged to the room where they interrogated him, a peculiar sound effect played: the sound of Warwick’s W, specifically it’s chase music part.

Arcane Season 2

We see something that looks like Vander during the last scenes of Season 1, tied to the ceiling of Singed’s laboratory – that thing is back, and it definitely looks like Warwick now, which basically confirms the theories about Vander eventually becoming Warwick. It also ties the interactions of Warwick and other Zaunite champions in League of Legends: Warwick seems to know Jinx and Vi, as well as Ekko, and their voice lines were always a bit more personal than with any other champion.

Will we see Orianna in Season 2?

Singed has a picture of a young girl on himself in Arcane Season 1 in an object that looks like a pocket watch. This motif returns in the First Look of Season 2, as Singed holds a clock which doesn’t tick, and with the music playing in the background, it seems like something that would paly for Orianna’s dance animation.

Arcane Season 2

We might very well see the Lady of the Clockwork in the next iteration of Arcane, maybe even before she was turned into a robot (or her heart was put into one, depending on which lore of Orianna you want to use).

Arcane Season 2 is looking incredible, and as the first season ended on a cliffhanger, we can’t wait to see how the next chapter of the story turns out. However, 2024 just begun, so there’s still more than 10 months until the release of Arcane Season 2. Until then, stay tuned to ESTNN for the latest updates about all things League of Legends!

Arcane Season 2 First Look All Easter Eggs
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