Apex Legends Season 19 Pick Rates: Most Popular Legends

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Apex Legends Season 19 Pick Rates: Most Popular Legends

We’ve outlined the most popular legends EA’s most popular battle royale shooter, Apex Legends Season 19 Pick rates.

EA and Respawn Entertainment recently launched a new legend, Conduit, along with a plethora of other new content in the Season 19. The popular shooter currently has a massive player-base, and we detail the most popular legends in the current month of November, according to information gathered from a database 23 million active players.

Apex Legends Season 19 Pick Rates

Here are the current pick-rates for each legend in Apex Legends Season 19, as of November 23, according to ApexLegendsSTATUS

Players should note that Conduit has a higher pick-rate than the other legends, being the newly launched legend available in-game.

1. Octane: 9.1%
2. Conduit: 8.6%
3. Pathfinder: 8.3%
4. Lifeline: 7.6%
5. Wraith: 7.6%
6. Bangalore 7.1%
8. Bloodhound: 5.3%
9. Fuse: 5.1%
10. Revenant: 4.2%
11. Loba: 4%
12. Mirage
13. Valkyrie: 2.6%
14. Catalyst: 2.3%
15. Ash: 2.3%
16. Newcastle: 2.2%
17. Mad Maggie: 2.2%
18. Caustic: 2.1%
19. Wattson: 2%
20. Rampart: 1.9%
21. Vantage: 1.8%
22. Ballistic: 1.8%
23. Gibraltar: 1.4%
24. Crypto: 1.1%
25. Seer: 0.7%

1. Octane

Octane in Apex Legends

With a 9.1% pick-rate, Octane remains undisputed as the most-picked legend of all time. The speedy legend ‘s kit is extremely useful to maneuver around the map. Players love using his Ultimate ability that grants them a launch pad. The Stim allows the player to run faster and get out of tricky situations. Respawn has constantly shipped nerfs for the legend, but Octane still remains a highly-picked character because of his kit. Conduit was most picked legend at the start of the season, but her pick-rate is now at 2nd rank as players hopped off the new legend hype and switched back to the speed-demon.

2. Conduit

Conduit Screengrab in Apex Legends

With a pick rate of 8.6%, Conduits arrival follows the tradition of newly debuted legends making it to the apex of the pick-rate board as players experience the support legend. However, this doesn't necessary mean the legend has a substandard kit, infact her abilities are pretty powerful when in the right hands. With her kit that allows her to speedily follow a teammate and grant them a full shield in an instant, we can see why Conduit is currently the most-picked legend in Season 19.

3. Pathfinder

Pathfinder Wallpaper Apex Legends

Pathfinder has always been a regularly picked legend, securing 4th place on the board with a pick rate of 7.9%. Thanks to his versatile Skirmisher abilitues such as the Grappling Hook that allows the player to evade enemies and get to hard-to-reach areas on the map. On the other hand, the Zipline Gun allows the player and the rest of the team to scale mountains and traverse the map with ease.

4. Lifeline

Apex Legends Lifeline

Lifeline remains in the top 5 of the Apex Legends pick-rate board, thanks to her healing drone abilities. Her Passive Combat Medic drone is an excellent tool that helps revive downed teammates during an intense gunfight. Her Care Package in an indispensable tool in the arsenal that lets players call a defense gear drop pod anywhere. The amount of healing and defense utility provided by this legend to herself and the team makes Lifeline a fairly popular Support legend.

5. Wraith
Wraith Apex Legends

With a pick rate of 7.6%, Wraith ends up in the top 5 of Apex Legends s19 thanks to her unique kit that allows great offense. With her portal forming Ultimate that allows extreme flank potential, Wraith is a powerful legend of the Skirmisher class. Her tactical Into The Void can allow players to escape lethal gunfights for some time.

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