Alone in the Dark Perosi Room Puzzle Solution

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Alone in the Dark Perosi Room Puzzle Solution

Like any game of the genre, Alone in the Dark is also a game in which solving the puzzles is a very important piece in order to continue with your adventure. One of the first puzzles you will have to solve is the Alone in the Dark Perosi room puzzle. In this article, we will tell you all the steps you need to follow in order to successfully complete this puzzle.

Alone in the Dark Perosi Room Puzzle

Once you have arrived inside the Perosi room following the game plot, you will find yourself faced with a puzzle to solve. At first glance, this puzzle may seem complicated to solve, but in reality, it is not. By following our guide, you will realize how truly simple a puzzle it was to find a solution to.

Pick Up the Clues

The first thing you have to do in order to start this puzzle is to collect all the evidence that is present inside the room. Without them, in fact, you wouldn't be able to solve the puzzle. In this regard, we underline how important the clues are in Alone in the Dark. While exploring the villa, also take time to find the many clues that are present, as they will be fundamental for solving all the puzzles in the game.

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Complete the Painting

Once you have all the clues that are present in the room, the next step is to complete the painting located on the left side of the room. Even this step, to be honest, is not complicated to complete. Just follow how the rot is drawn both on the paintings and on the wall to create a continuous line. Below, you can see a photo of the solution.

Once you have aligned all the paintings correctly, you will see that there will only be three of them turned upside down. On them, you can read the following names: William Arges, Franklyn Mosig, and Norah Keith. This is the clue you need to continue solving the Alone in the Dark Perosi room puzzle. Therefore, keep these names in mind and continue with the next step.

Alone in the Dark

Look at the Genealogical Tree

The next step to do once you have completed the rot on the wall and you have found the three names that interest you, is to look at the family tree, which is located right behind the bed, to the right of the paintings with the root. If you get closer to look at it, you will notice that each name has been assigned a different number. Obviously, those numbers are not there randomly but have a meaning.

If you look at the clues that you collected at the beginning of the room, you will realize that you have taken a sheet of paper containing the zodiac signs, and three of them have an associated number. Using simple reasoning, you can associate the numbers associated with the people on the family tree with those present in the clue.

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Alone in the Dark

Insert the Signs in the Lock

Finally, the last step to complete the Alone in the Dark Perosi room puzzle is to insert the correct signs inside the lock located on the desk in front of the bed. In case you have difficulty, the signs to insert in the lock are (in order) the following: fish, scales, bull. Once inserted, the lock will open and you will be able to collect the piece of a plate, which is essential for solving another puzzle.

Alone in the Dark Perosi Room Puzzle Solution
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