Alone in the Dark Medicine Puzzle Solution (Cassandra’s Room)

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Alone in the Dark Medicine Puzzle Solution (Cassandra’s Room)

Alone in the Dark is a game where you will have to solve a myriad of puzzles in order to continue with your adventure, just like in old-fashioned games. One of these is the Alone in the Dark medicine puzzle that you will have to solve after making some disconcerting discoveries that we won't tell you about so as not to ruin the surprise.

Alone in the Dark Medicine Puzzle

With the normal continuation of the story and after having solved the first puzzles, such as those in Perosi's room or the astronomical clock, you will once again be called to show off your logical skills (and this time also as explorers) in order to solve this new puzzle.

The Alone in the Dark medicine puzzle itself is not difficult to solve; you will simply have to align the medicines that are present in the room in the right way, but if you interact with the puzzle, you will realize that two are missing. Your first task, therefore, is to track down these medicines.

By reading the notes you have collected in the puzzle room, you can immediately understand that the medicine box is in Cassandra's room. However, if you go there, you will realize that the box is locked with a key. Consequently, what you have to do is find and collect the key to be able to open the box and be able to continue the game.

Where to Find the Medicine Key

The key you will need to open the medicine box in Cassandra's room is located in the Grand Parlor room. If you open your map, you cannot miss it because, as you can imagine from the name, it is a very large room.

However, the main entrance to access it is currently not accessible, so you will have to take a different route. If you look carefully at the map, you will understand how to get to the place, but in case you have difficulties or want a direct solution, in this article we will tell you how.

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First of all, to access the Grand Parlor, you will have to go to the Mezzanine. To get here, you will not have any problems because, at the point in the story where you have to solve this puzzle, you will have unlocked all the doors necessary to get to this place. Once here (if you have never entered it, a cutscene with a character will start), go in the direction of the Stairwell. Go down until you see a gate on the right.

The gate is locked with a key, but we don't care at the moment as that's not where we're headed. Instead, enter the door on the left. So you will be able to enter directly into the Grand Parlor and you will realize that it is actually a disused room. However, in the center of the room there is a piano: the key is located right on it. Collect it and follow the path in reverse to return to Cassandra's room and finally be able to solve the Alone in the Dark medicine puzzle.

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Solve the Puzzle

Once you arrive in Cassandra's room, use the key you just collected to open the medicine box and collect the necessary ones that you will need to complete the Alone in the Dark medicine puzzle. Head into the puzzle room and interact with it to place the missing bottles. Now comes the simplest part of the whole solution to this puzzle.

In total, there are four bottles that you will have to position in the right way, following the trail of the rot, just as you did to complete the puzzle of the paintings in Perosi's room. Fortunately, even in this case, this is not a difficult thing to do at all. The only precaution we have to tell you is to remember to rotate the bottles to make the trail of rot appear.

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Anyway, for a quick solution, here is the exact order in which the bottles must be placed in order to solve the Alone in the Dark medicine puzzle:

  • Green bottle
  • Bottle with cork stopper
  • Bottle with red cap
  • Black bottle

You will realize that you have positioned them in the right way because your character will start talking. Now, however, we have not yet reached the end of the puzzle. In fact, lining up the bottles in the correct way serves to reveal which numbers are on them (only three bottles will have numbers marked). You will need these numbers to open the padlock with the zodiac signs that closes the cabinet.

Alone in the Dark

Get the Plate Piece

Looking at the bottles, you will see that three numbers are marked, namely: 2, 5, and 7. Go again to the menu where all the tests are present and take the clue with all the zodiac signs (you have already used it to solve another Alone in the Dark puzzle). Using a minimum of logic, you will immediately understand that the numbers on the bottles correspond to the following signs: Pisces, Gemini, and Leo.

Once you have managed to decipher the signs you need to open the padlock, all you have to do is insert them inside in the order just listed. In this way, the cabinet will open and you will be rewarded with a plate piece, which will be essential to proceeding with the game. In fact, shortly thereafter, you will have to solve another puzzle to be able to continue the story of Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the Dark Medicine Puzzle Solution (Cassandra’s Room)
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