Alone in the Dark Boiler Puzzle Solution

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Alone in the Dark Boiler Puzzle Solution

If you love investigative games and those in which you have to solve many puzzles to be able to continue the story, Alone in the Dark is definitely the game for you.

One of the puzzles you will have to solve in order to continue your adventure is the Alone in the Dark boiler puzzle. In this article, we will explain step-by-step everything you need to do to arrive at its solution.

Alone in the Dark Boiler Puzzle

As you have understood, if you have reached this point in the story, the puzzles in Alone in the Dark are not immediately resolvable. Before you can actually solve the puzzle in question, you will first have to look for everything you need: be it keys, pieces of dishes, doctors' bottles, etc. Only when you have everything you need will you be able to solve the puzzle, which, in itself, is the simplest part.

The Alone in the Dark boiler puzzle is certainly no exception to this rule. Before you can solve it, in fact, you will have to track down two pieces of plates (technically only one). However, this time, it will be easier. The first piece you will get is the normal continuation of the story, while the second you will get by solving a previous puzzle, which is mandatory to continue.

Boiler Puzzle #1 Plate Piece

In order to solve the Alone in the Dark boiler puzzle, you must have two pieces of plates that you will need to add to the puzzle and complete it. As we have already said, the first piece is very simple to find: just continue with the story. Once the game asks you to go to the boiler room, you've basically found the first piece of the puzzle.

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In order to get it, however, you will have to find the valve that you can attach to the boiler and be able to stop the boiling steam from escaping and preventing you from passing through it. It might seem like a difficult thing, but in reality, it is not at all. You will be able to get it without any problem. The game will practically automatically give you the key you need to open the cell near the boiler room, where the valve is located.

Once you have taken and positioned the valve, you can go through the boiler, and a cutscene will start. We won't tell you anything about it so as not to spoil some very important details about the plot. The fact is that, once the cutscene is over, the first piece of the puzzle will practically be found on the ground. You won't be able to miss it because your character will have his gaze directed directly towards it.

Alone in the Dark

Boiler Puzzle #2 Plate Piece

Once you have collected the first piece of plate, you need to solve the Alone in the Dark boiler puzzle. It's time to get on the trail of the second piece. This one is a little trickier to get, as it requires you to complete a puzzle as well. In this article, we will not go into the details of how to do it because we have already done so in detail in this other article.

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In any case, just know that the first step is to find the key to open the box of medicines found in Cassandra's room. The key is found on the piano in the Grand Parlor. Once you find the key, go back to Cassandra's room, take the medicine, and return to the puzzle room to solve it. Arrange the bottles correctly, following the rot line, and then insert the right zodiac signs into the padlock to obtain the second piece of the puzzle.

Alone in the Dark

Solve the Puzzle

Now that you have both puzzle pieces, what you need to do is return to the boiler room and place them in the quadrant to solve the Alone in the Dark boiler puzzle. At first glance, it might seem difficult to solve, but in reality, this is not the case. All you have to do is put the pieces in the right places. Remember that some of them may need to be turned.

Once the puzzle pieces are placed correctly (you will notice this because the camera will move away and you will hear an acoustic noise), you have to solve what is the simplest part of the entire Alone in the Dark boiler puzzle. All you have to do is look at the valves on the boiler and see what numbers they indicate, in this case: 9, 7, and 5. These numbers will be used to position the rings of the talisman correctly and be able to complete this puzzle.

Alone in the Dark Boiler Puzzle Solution
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