All Witchfire Angelica Locations

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All Witchfire Angelica Locations

Witchfire is not a game in which you will have to focus only on combat but also on collecting resources that can be used to create, for example, Healing Elixirs. One of these resources is the Witchfire Angelica, a plant that you can find in various points of the game map.

In this article, therefore, we will not only explain what this herb is for but also where to find it, showing you the precise locations. In fact, many have turned up their noses a bit at the fact that the plant is not that recognizable and therefore not easy to obtain. However, we are here to help you.

Witchfire Angelica Explained

Before showing you the map with the exact location of the various Angelica plants that are present in Witchfire, it is appropriate to give you some information about it. Angelica is nothing more than a plant that you will need to craft Healing Elixirs, i.e. the elixirs that allow you to heal yourself during your expeditions. To do this, all you have to do is use the Apothecary.

Initially, it was not possible to create potions right away, but you had to level up; however, the developers have now changed this system and you will immediately have the possibility of using the Apothecary to create Healing Elixirs. Of course, as long as you have enough Angelica in your inventory.

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The next step to take is to track down this herb. As we have already mentioned, it is not that easy to find because it blends in very well with the rest of the vegetation, but there are specific points where it grows. So, all you need to do is go to those places to collect it.

witchfire angelica
Credit: Fandom
witchfire angelica
Credit: Fandom

As you can see from the photos we have attached above, the Witchfire Angelica is not at all a plant that is in short supply in the game world, so you should have no problems collecting it in the quantities necessary to be able to create Healing Elixirs and be able to use them. However, remember that if you die, all your loot will be lost and you will have to start a new expedition.

Furthermore, don't forget that in Witchfire, the refilling of your elixirs occurs automatically every time you return to the Hermitorium, as long as you have the elixirs in your storage. For this reason, it is very important that, between one fight and another, you also dedicate time to collecting these plants, which will be essential if you want to continue to use the Healing Elixirs in Witchfire.

How to Craft Healing Elixirs in Witchfire

We have already mentioned this aspect when we talked to you about what Angelica was in Witchfire, but it is appropriate to dedicate a more in-depth section to how the crafting of Healing Elixirs works in Witchfire. First of all, you have to go to the Hermitorium (i.e., the initial hub where you will spawn when you start the game) and go in the direction of the Apothecary. You can't go wrong, it's located inside the ruins, right in front of the portal to start the expeditions.

Once you have returned victorious from one of your expeditions with Angelica, all you need to do is interact with the machine and begin the potion creation process. However, pay attention to the fact that there is a limit. At the moment, you can have a maximum of 20 Healing Elixirs and 20 Angelica plants in your stash. However, since the game is not at all simple, it is very likely that you will not be able to have a full inventory so easily.

And that's all you need to know regarding Angelica in Witchfire. Of course, since the game is still in Early Access and therefore we do not have access to the entire map of the game, so we will update the article as soon as the game is released in its final form.

All Witchfire Angelica Locations
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