All Rise of the Ronin Romance Options

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All Rise of the Ronin Romance Options

As often happens in modern games, in Rise of the Ronin, there is the possibility of character romance during your adventure.

It might seem like an unimportant aspect, but it actually still has its usefulness when it comes to the game's economy. In this article, therefore, we will tell you about the Rise of the Ronin romance options that are available within the game. If, in addition to fighting enemies, you want to add a romantic touch to your adventure, this is the right article for you.

Rise of the Ronin Romance Options Explained

There are several ways to romance in Rise of the Ronin, but the most important thing is that you will need to be able to increase the Favor meter. However, before you can start a relationship with the characters, you will have to court them in some way, as you will have to have a certain amount of Favor. Therefore, keep an eye on this criterion in the Bond menu. But how do you increase this parameter? Let's see it together.

Complete Bond Missions

Some characters have special missions called Bond missions. These missions are like extra tasks you can do for that character. When you finish these missions, you earn a lot of Favor points. It's like doing something nice for them, and they really appreciate it.

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Give Gifts

During a chat, you might get to pick a present for someone special you like. You can do this mostly when you're chatting in a place called a Longhouse, but sometimes, you can offer a gift to someone in other spots too. Look for the presents with a little heart next to them. That means the person you're giving it to will really like it.

Take Their Side

If you can, always support the person you like during a talk. Stick by their side and agree with them when you can. It shows you care about them and what they think.

All three of these methods must be taken into consideration when you need to increase the Favor level with one of the characters. Furthermore, once you reach a certain level, you can refer to the Veiled Vow feature, which allows you to actually have a relationship with a certain character. In this regard, keep in mind that in Rise of the Ronin, you can have multiple relationships at the same time, except for two cases, and you can decide to romance any character regardless of your or their gender.

Rise of the Ronin Romance Options

All Rise of the Ronin Romanceable Characters

In Rise of the Ronin, you will have the opportunity to romance 13 different characters, so you can decide according to your tastes. So here is the complete list:

  • Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Shinsaku Takasugi
  • Genzui Kusaka
  • Goro Katsura
  • Matthew Perry
  • Taka Murayama
  • Ernest Satow
  • Soji Okita
  • Princess Atsuko
  • Ine Kusumoto (exclusive relationship)
  • Sana Chiba (exclusive relationship)
  • Fumi Sugi
  • Usugumo Dayu
All Rise of the Ronin Romance Options
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