All Outcast A New Beginning Villages Explained

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All Outcast A New Beginning Villages Explained

Outcast A New Beginning is an open-world game in which you will have the opportunity to explore different areas inhabited by different flora and fauna. To give you a greater vision of all this, in this article, we will tell you about the Outcast A New Beginning villages that you will be able to visit during your adventure.

All Outcast A New Beginning Villages

Like any self-respecting open-world game, Outcast A New Beginning also gives you the opportunity to visit different places during your adventure. In fact, as Cutter Slade, the protagonist of the first game in the series, you will have to explore the planet Adelphia to save it. Along your route, you will have the opportunity to visit seven different villages:

  • Emea
  • Bidaa
  • Sappa
  • Palana
  • Prokriana
  • Desan
  • Kizaar


Emea is a village located in the ancient Ganzaar Forest. Unlike the other villages, Emea hasn't had any major repercussions from the invasion, so it's a fairly peaceful and safe place. It is built around the large trees that are characteristic of this region and the major resource is the Morag fruits.

The goal of this village is to find an ancient relic, which is an egg from an extinct creature. If the villagers are able to find it, they will be able to take care of it until the egg hatches and the creature grows, so that they will be able to summon this creature anywhere on the planet to be able to ride it.

Outcast A New Beginning villages


Bidaa is the village in which, thanks to its fertile soil, most of the planet's cultivation is concentrated. In this place, in fact, plants are grown, such as the Riss, and animal breeds such as the Twon-Has and the Bon-Bars. However, the thing that made this village famous is Lampé, which is a special drink made with river water that is very popular to celebrate Talan festivities.

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Although Bidaa is a village of farmers, in recent times the inhabitants have had to change their way of life due to the attacks of Garondars, or giant worms that usually live deep inside and are peaceful, but due to the invasion, they have come out on the surface. The villagers' task, therefore, is to repel enemy forces and remove drills from the ground, as well as be able to tame these enormous worms so they can summon them into combat.

Outcast A New Beginning villages


Sappa is the Outcast A New Beginning village where there is sand and sea and for this reason, it was once the first holiday destination for the inhabitants of the planet. However, since the invasion began, this is no longer the case. The sea temperature has risen considerably and this has led to the proliferation of a hostile species of fish, namely the Sannégtas. As a result, these enemies began to move closer to the shore in search of colder water and this led to a swimming ban being instituted.

However, Sappa is a village also known for the ability to train flying creatures called Ventilopes, which not only hunt fish but are also capable of carrying things. As a result, villagers are able to summon them and have them drop things on their opponents during battles.

Outcast A New Beginning villages


Palana is located in the northernmost regions of the Outcast A New Beginning map, in the middle of the snow-capped mountains. The role of this village has always been that of being the main pilgrimage destination for the inhabitants of Adelpha. In fact, the elder Talans go to this very place to begin a ceremony that concludes their life cycle.

However, due to the invaders, the four Daroshams that are used to perform this ritual have become inactive. With the help of the inhabitants, however, these places can become active again and can grow the Essence Vine again, the plant responsible for the root system that connects the entire planet.

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Outcast A New Beginning villages


Prokriana was the capital until recently, but now it is nothing more than an abandoned village. Very few inhabitants remained, including the rector of the university, who was conducting a study on Asciors, which is a type of insect that possesses an acid capable of dissolving even metal. Therefore, helping the university rector in his study will allow the villagers to tame these insects so that they can be used against invaders.

Outcast A New Beginning villages


Desan is the mining settlement of Outcast A New Beginning located in the middle of the Saar deserts. Architecturally, it is a truly well-built city that represents the pinnacle of the Talans' creations. However, the invaders forced the inhabitants to extract the most important resource that could be found in that place, namely Heldium.

Furthermore, as if that wasn't enough, since it is a village isolated from the others, the inhabitants began to suffer from hunger and slavery imposed by the invaders. However, despite this, with the help of the Ulukai, it is possible to resist the offensive and steal resources from nearby outposts.

Outcast A New Beginning villages


Kizaar is located on an island and is protected by a shield called the Spear. The Almayel, or the oracle of the Yods, live in this village. In this village, all women and children live until they have been able to reveal their essence, while adult males cannot live within the city, except during Okastok.

Okastok is a holiday celebrated for reproduction; in fact, males and females unite during this ceremony. However, it is an important village for the story of Outcast A New Beginning and is able to give the Ulukai the revive ability, which allows them to continue fighting even if they are killed.

Outcast A New Beginning villages

All Outcast A New Beginning Villages Explained
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