All No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues

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All No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues

No Rest for the Wicked is finally available in Early Access, after having managed to create a certain hype thanks to the videos that have been published in recent weeks. However, as often happens and especially because it is a game that is not yet complete, there are problems that players can encounter.

In this No Rest for the Wicked known issues article, therefore, we will provide you with a complete list of all the issues that the developers are aware of with the related solutions. However, be aware that some problems are still in a state of study and therefore not yet solvable.

No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues

As we said, there are several issues that can make your gaming experience less pleasant. Let's see together what it is.

  • Performance: The team is always working on making the game run smoother. If you're having trouble with how the game performs, try lowering the resolution or some other settings. They're planning to tweak some graphics settings in the next update. You can change some settings in the game menu to make it run better. It's a good idea to install the game on a solid-state drive (SSD) for better performance. Also, sometimes the game might pause for a moment when you're moving to a new area.
  • Pause Feature: The developers are working on adding the chance to pause the game in single-player mode.
  • Key Rebinding: Right now, you can't change the controls in the game.
  • Aspect Ratios: The game supports different screen shapes, like widescreen and others. They might add more options later.
  • Localization: They're still working on translating the game into different languages. If you find any text that's not translated, you can help by telling them.
  • Faders: Sometimes, the game environment might not disappear like it's supposed to. They are working to fix these issues.
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No Rest for the Wicked

What we have listed above are the problems that the development team is trying to solve. However, there are also other problems that you may already be able to solve. Here's what they are.

  • Getting Stuck or Falling: Sometimes, you might find yourself stuck or falling through things in the game. If that happens, just leave the game and go back to the main menu. Then, go to your realm in the realms menu and choose the option that says CONTINUE FROM LAST WHISPER. This will bring you back to where you were before.
  • Losing Progress: If you lose progress in the game, don't worry. Just exit to the main menu, go to your realm in the realms menu, and use the BACKUPS option. This lets you go back to an earlier save in your realm.
  • Controller Troubles: If your controller isn't working right in the game, first check if Steam Input is turned on in Steam. PlayStation controllers only work when Steam Input is on.
All No Rest for the Wicked Known Issues
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