All Legend Skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

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All Legend Skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

This article features the full list of legend skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Mobile Legends Bang Bang! is an extremely popular MOBA game that is more known to have a high player count in South Asia. The game is published by Bytedance and has a maintained a cosnistent player count since its launch several years ago in 2016. The game is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

The game is regularly updated with a series of cosmetics that players can purchase through some of its in-game currency, AKA Magic Cores. The 10 minute match handheld MOBA features countless characters AKA legends in the game.

The game doesn’t make it easy for players to farm a legend skin. Each of the legend skins listed below can only be acquired through the Magic Wheel in the game. Some legend skins are only available to purchase through Limited Time events.

Legend skins are most expensive and hard to obtain type of skin in the entirety of Mobile Legends Bang Bang! Collector Skins are different than Legend Skins, while Legend skins are more rarer, feature different animations, recall effects and include a separate border for the avatar. Both of these skins contain unique character models, giving a “glow up’ to the existing legend once you obtain them.

All Legend Skins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Storm Saber

IMG 9423

Saber, the Wandering Sword, gets his own swanky new legendary skin and it’s titled Storm. The Storm Saber skin is available to purchase for 200 magic cores. Modena Butterfly Miya Skin is designed Miya for Miya The skin was released on September 2017. The skin costs players 200 Magic Core.

Conqueror Gord

IMG 9406

Gord is a mage hero in MLBB and this cyberpunk-esque Gord Players can buy the legend skin punk futuristic skin is apt for him, featuring new animations for 200 magic cores. The Legendary skin for Gord was launched back in may 2018.

Obsidian Blade Alucard

Alucard in Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Obsidian Blade is a purple neon skin for Alucard that completely revamps the way his skills look. The skin is available for the legend Alucard. The skin was released back 4 years and 10 months ago, back in February 2019.

Cosmic Gleam Gusion

IMG 9402

Like the rest of the Gusion Legend skins, this skin as well will cost players 200 Magic Core. The Cosmic Gleam Legend skin was launched back in May 2020, almost three and half years ago. It’s one of the best skins you could buy for the champion, its well designed and great to show off to your mates.

Infernal Blaze Valir


Infernal Blaze Valir features the Son of Flames engulfed in flames, and wields the power of spirit dragon. The flaming dragon skin for Valir was released back in October 2021.

King of Hell Franco

IMG 9414

King of Hell Franco is a beautiful ‘hell themed’ skin for one of the most powerful roamers in entirety of MLBB. The skin was deployed in the update for final month of 2022, December 2022.`

Divine Goddess Lunox

IMG 9419

The divine champion Lunox dons a captivating white kimono that exudes a magical aura, radiating a vibrant glow on the battlefield. The kimono itself has an intricate design, reminiscent of a mesmerizing red and white tulip.As usual, all players who acuquirethis and other legend skins will get an exclusive border, recall, skill icons, and achievement badge

Galactic Vanquisher Freya
IMG 9422

The skin as the name suggests, is designed for Freya and is the freshest addition to the game in the latest update. The skin has a release date of January 2024, and marks as the newest skin available for the legend.

Angelic Agent Lesley

IMG 9401

Angelic Agent Lesley is a Limited-time event skin. Players shouldn’t expect the skin to appear in the magic wheel. It was available for about 10-12 Magic diamonds. Wait for it to pop up in specific events, if its too expensive during a specific event, wait for a rerun of the event so you can buy it at a lesser price. The release date for the skin is November 2019.

Starfall Knight Granger

Granger in MLBB

The Starfall Knight Granger is also another time-limited legend skin available for Granger. The skin was launched back in April of 2020, and expect it to pop up sometime in limited-time events again. You can purchase this rare legend skin if you want if you constantly keep an eye on such events. The skin, like all other legend skins, costs players 200 Magic Cores.

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