All Holo X Break Bosses

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All Holo X Break Bosses

Also in Holo X Break, you will have the possibility of being able to face a series of bosses, which, if you do not face them keeping in mind some practical advice, you may have difficulty defeating. Although the Holo X Break bosses are different from each other, there are some tips that are valid for everyone.

In this article, in addition to listing all the bosses that you will have to face and defeat to finish the game, we will also give you some practical advice that will surely come in handy during your adventure.

All Holo X Break Bosses Listed

Before getting into the heart of the matter and giving you some advice on how to best tackle the boss fights in Holo X Break, here is the list of all the bosses you will have to face:

  • Hakui Koyori
  • Kazama Iroha
  • Sakamata Chloe
  • Takane Lui
  • La+ Darkness

As you can see, there won't be many bosses to face in order to see the credits. Also, Holo X Break tends to be a very short game, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pay attention. These bosses will not be a walk in the park to face, even if you follow the general advice that we have illustrated in a previous article. You will have to rely on specific advice suitable for dealing with the game's bosses.

Holo X Break Bosses

Study Their Pattern

This is advice that applies to practically any game and therefore Holo X Break is absolutely no exception to the rule. Before even going into detail about other, more specific advice, you must study the opponent's pattern. It is essential to ensure that you know how to get the better of them and, therefore, be able to continue the game without too many difficulties.

Telegraphed Attacks

One thing that immediately comes to your aid regarding the strategy to use is the fact that all Holo X Break bosses have telegraphed attacks. As a result, once you learn how an attack works and when it is used, dodging and counterattacking will become much easier than you might imagine. You will have a few seconds to dodge attacks and put yourself in an advantageous position to be able to counterattack. However, keep in mind that there are some attacks that are capable of dealing damage even from a distance.

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Watch Out for Attacks After They've Been Knocked Down

This is an opportunity that you absolutely cannot miss. Whenever the bosses are knocked down, they will still try to attack you and this is actually a big weakness of theirs because they are not able to react quickly and effectively. What you have to do, therefore, is dodge their attack and get close again to land attacks and inflict damage. Be alert and attentive and wait for this opportunity to arise so you can put the entire battle on the right track.

They Take Damage on Super Armor

Most bosses will put themselves at a disadvantage when trying to land their attacks, so you have the opportunity to approach them and hit them. There are safe areas that you can use so that you do not suffer unnecessary damage. Furthermore, except for the ultimate move, you should know that all the other moves in their arsenal can be avoided and counterattacked.

Holo X Break Bosses

Hakui Koyori

Hakui Koyori is definitely the toughest boss in the game. This is mostly because you don't have good upgrades or gear when you need to face her. Watch out for her syringes—they're the scariest part if you're not ready for them. Everything else you can kind of see coming and dodge. But some other enemies and the toxic potions she throws can really throw you off while she keeps hitting you with her most common attack, Sans Undertale.

Kazama Iroha

Dealing with Kazama Iroha might make you a bit anxious because she's always running around. But she's actually the easiest to beat if you know how to trick her. Most of her attacks go in a straight line, so if you dodge them, she's wide open for a counterattack. There's one move where she stops and aims, so when you hear a DING, dodge quickly and then rush in to hit her while she's still aiming. Her ultimate move might seem tough at first, but once you get the timing down, it's not so bad.

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Sakamata Chloe

Dealing with Sakamata Chloe can be tough because she's got lots of different attacks, including ones from her orca buddy. But the one that'll really get you is when she zooms around, scrubbing the floor super fast. That move can catch you off guard sometimes. And watch out during her ultimate move because enemies might show up to distract you.

Holo X Break Bosses

Takane Lui

Facing Takane Lui can be really scary because she suddenly starts shooting, leaving you stuck and vulnerable. It's especially tough when the stage keeps throwing tornadoes at you. But once you understand her, the tornadoes are the only real problem because she's pretty predictable. Her go-to move is darting to each side to shoot at you, but if you position yourself right and dodge well, you can sneak up behind her for some safe hits. Her ultimate move isn't too crazy, but with the tornadoes doubling up, it can get a bit tricky.

La+ Darkness

La+ Darkness is the final boss. The toughest part of facing her is that she keeps her distance and shoots stuff at you. Some things you have can hurt her a bit, but if you dodge towards her, you can get close. One tricky move is when she makes orbs around her as a shield and walks towards you. You can dodge inside her shield to hit her or use baseballs to push her back. Her big move is Holo X, where she copies other bosses' attacks. You have to know how to deal with them, but you can't hurt her during this. Then she does a big attack that covers the whole stage except for a few spots. It's not too hard, but watch out for random enemies that might hit you and put you in the way of her final attack.

All Holo X Break Bosses
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