All Foamstars Characters Explained

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All Foamstars Characters Explained

Foamstars has a gameplay style that is very reminiscent of Splatoon, in which there are different game modes in which we can challenge other players. Furthermore, as often happens in this type of game, we can choose from a set of different Foamstars characters, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities. In this article, therefore, we provide you with a general overview of all the characters present in the game so that you can choose the one that best suits your way of playing.

Foamstars Characters: Who Are They?

In Foamstars, there are currently eight different characters available that we can use during our missions. If you're wondering if new characters will be added in the future, we don't have an answer to that question. It is likely that Square Enix will first want to test the territory and see how successful the game will be in the coming weeks, and then decide how to proceed with the additional content that may arrive at a later time. Anyway, here is the list of the eight characters available now:

  • Soa
  • Agito
  • Tonix
  • Jet Justice
  • Penny Gwyn
  • Rave Breaker
  • The Baristador
  • Mel T


Soa is really good at using bubbles in a style called Close-Range Speed Style. She's known as a “Stylish Idol.” She has a Bubble Beastie named Spiky, and she likes to use a weapon called the Twinkle Groove, which is a Dual Pistol type.

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Foamstars Characters


Agito is a “Pro Gamer” who wants to try to show off in the sector outside of esports (in which he is already a dominant figure). His Bubble Beastie is called Kirimaru and uses a weapon called Marasama, or a shotgun.

Foamstars Characters


Tonix is ideal for medium-range combat since he uses a Burst Rifle called Her Majesty Queen Soda. Toxic is described as a “Genius Inventor” capable of exploring everything around her to create something. Her Bubble Beastie is called Squash.

Foamstars Characters

Jet Justice

Jet Justice is known to all as the “Civilian Hero” and is basically the city's peacekeeper. He has a fighting style that mixes different techniques and prefers to use a shotgun called the Jet Blaster. His Bubble Beastie is called Graviton.

Foamstars Characters

Penny Gwyn

Penny Gwyn, also known as “Penguin Soldier”, is a soldier who fights with the issue of global warming at heart. She has Bubble Beasties following her, named Slider, Waddler, and Emp. Since she favors medium-range combat, she makes use of an Assault Rifle called the PNG-90S.

Foamstars Characters

Rave Breaker

Rave Breaker is known as “The Sanitazer” whose sole objective is to eliminate all the party animals present. However, Rave Breaker also has a Bubble Beastie named Roly-Moley. He favors short-range combat and uses his World Sanitazer to deal with enemies.

Foamstars Characters

The Baristador

This Foamstars character is not available from the start, but can be unlocked by completing challenges. Also known as the “Gentle and Generous” café owner, The Baristador favors long-range combat using his Coffee Breaker. He has a Bubble Beastie named Toraja.

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Foamstars Characters

Mel T

This is the last of the Foamstars characters that are available at the moment, although, like The Baristador, Mel T can also be unlocked after completing challenges. She is known as the “Innocent and Cute” poster girl and CEO and she has a Bubble Beastie named Candy following her. She loves long-range combat and makes use of a Missile Launcher called Heartful Delivery.

Foamstars Characters

All Foamstars Characters Explained
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