All Enshrouded Known Issues

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All Enshrouded Known Issues

Enshrouded is receiving some great reviews from those who have had the chance to try it. However, since the game is still in Early Access, there are a few things that are causing some problems. To try to help you and have all the Enshrouded known issues listed in one place, we decided to create this article. These are problems that the developers themselves have encountered and are therefore aware of, so it is very likely that a patch intended to correct these problems will be released as soon as possible. In this regard, therefore, we inform you that we will keep this article updated so as to update you on the issue as soon as we have news.

All Enshrouded Known Issues We Know So Far

The development team said they are aware of the issues currently plaguing the game and plan to fix them as soon as possible (their estimated time is 2-3 weeks). At that point, once they have managed to solve the problems that are present in Enshrouded, they will dedicate themselves to creating a real roadmap to let everyone know what their plans are for the future. Anyway, here are the Enshrouded known issues that the developers are currently trying to fix.

Stuck in Flame Temple [Status: Coming soon]

The team is currently investigating reports of users encountering difficulty leaving the room where the player appears within the temple. Rest assured, a solution is being pursued. For now, restarting the game is recommended to resolve the issue.

The scroll wheel can sometimes duplicate inputs when the game is running at more than 60FPS [Status: Working on it]

Some players mentioned that when they use the game menus faster than 60FPS, the scroll wheel might jump two lines at once. The team is looking into this problem. If it's causing big issues, you can temporarily fix it by manually setting your game to run at 60FPS. You can do this through your NVIDIA control panel or by using VSYNC.

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The game client can sometimes feel limited to 60FPS despite running at higher framerates (FPS counter) [Status: Working on it]

At times, players might notice that their game doesn't run as fast as it's supposed to. For example, even though the game is set at 200FPS, the camera movements might feel like they're only at 60FPS. The team is aware of this problem and is currently working to fix it. This wasn't meant to happen, and it's not a limitation of the game engine. Meanwhile, some players found that setting their game to 6FPS manually can make it feel smoother if this issue is affecting them personally.

Cannot find a dedicated server [Status: Working on improvements]

It takes a while to find dedicated servers right now because there are a lot of active servers. The best solution for now is to mark the servers as “favorites” on Steam.

enshrouded known issues

Dedicated Server does not appear in the server browser [Status: Working on it]

Here are a few possible reasons for this Enshrouded issue:

  • The Server and Game Client versions might not match. Make sure both your game client and server are updated to the latest versions if you have a dedicated server that seems to be running.
  • It's possible that the Query Port is blocked. Check that the QueryPort is GamePort+1, and ensure that these ports are open in your firewall for both TCP and UDP.
  • If everything above is okay, try giving the Server Browser in-game 1-2 minutes to fully load before using the Search to find your Dedicated Server.

The software “GPU Tweak III” can result in an error that causes the game to be unable to launch [Status: Looking into it]

Players mentioned that using Asus software GPU Tweak 3 can make the game not launch at all. Clicking the play button doesn't work. Turning off this software appears to solve the problem. The team knows about this and is looking into it.

Stability issues [Status: Working on it]

The current Enshrouded version might have some problems when playing with multiple people. It depends on how many players are in the game, the computer hosting it, and the internet connection quality. The team is always trying to make it better and will release updates with fixes. If you face issues:

  • Check the UI by pressing ESC. If the dot for the server load is yellow or red, it's better to use a different computer for hosting or play with fewer players.
  • You can also check the server's latency here if the game is lagging or rubberbanding.
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Invisible session host [Status: Working on it]

If the person hosting the session has a private user profile in the Steam client, the session won't show up for any player, including Steam friends. To join, you can connect by going to the host player's Steam profile and clicking on the [Join Game] button.

Snapping building pieces to existing buildings [Status: No ETA at the moment]

When you're constructing things using template shapes in building mode, they don't automatically align with existing structures in the game world. The current system only recognizes structures placed by players. A new snapping system is being developed that will recognize all edges that can be aligned, whether the structures were made by players or were already in the game world.

Entering character names when using controllers [Status: Coming soon]

The game usually works fine with controllers. However, when you need to type names for new characters or game worlds, you have to use Steam's “Big Picture Mode” to get a virtual keyboard. If you try to enter or exit writing mode using the controller, you might get stuck on a screen that doesn't respond. To get past this, you can switch to using a mouse and keyboard to navigate through the menus. Once the problem is fixed, you can go back to using controllers if you prefer.

Respawn rate (resources and mobs/bosses not respawning) [Status: Coming soon]

The world is divided into chunks, kind of like in Minecraft but larger. These chunks reset every 2 hours when they're not in use. A chunk gets loaded when people are nearby, within a distance of 256 to 400 meters. If someone goes near it, the timer resets. We know this wait feels too long for many players and are trying to find ways to fix it. For now, you can either reload the map or restart the server, or just stay away for two hours. Restarting is likely easier, especially if you're playing alone.

Server progress vs personal progress is confusing [Status: Coming soon]

Right now, if a player isn't there when a boss is defeated or a quest finishes, they don't get credit for completing the quest. We're actively looking into problems where personal quests and overall world progress don't match up, and we're working to fix them as a top priority.

enshrouded known issues

All Enshrouded Known Issues
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