All Dredge The Pale Reach Pursuits

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All Dredge The Pale Reach Pursuits

What are all the Dredge The Pale Reach pursuits? While you are exploring the new game area that you will have access to in the Dredge The Pale Reach DLC, you will also have the chance to come across five different pursuits. To be able to complete this expansion, it will not be necessary to complete them, but if you are a completionist and want to unlock the relevant trophy, you will have to complete all the Dredge The Pale Reach pursuits in the game. For this reason, in this guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information you will need to be able to start and complete all the pursuits in the game.

Dredge The Pale Reach The Narwahl Pursuit

Once you have visited Bleak Pontoon, you will have to go to the southern part of the map, in the icy region, where you will encounter a small boat near the coordinates I, -3. Talk to the photographer on the boat to start the pursuit. Fortunately, to complete the first of the Dredge The Pale Reach pursuits, you won't have to do anything complicated. All you need to do is interact with the cracked ice barrier located nearby and fill it with fish.

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Dredge The Pale Reach Icebreaker Pursuit

In order to complete this pursuit, the first thing you will have to do is go to Bleak Pontoon, at coordinates I, -1 and use the shipyard to install a rod that is able to capture the ice fish, and then go to the Icy Worksite to kick off this pursuit. What you will have to do specifically is collect three icebreaker parts located at coordinates F, -4; I, -4; and J, -6. The first and last coordinates have cracked ice barriers that must be destroyed in order to continue. Once you have all three parts, you can return to the Bleak Pontoon and use the components on the Icy Worksite.

Dredge The Pale Reach Ice Shaper Pursuit

In order to begin this Dredge The Pale Reach pursuit, you will need to interact with the Icy Worksite again. To complete this mission, all you have to do is go to coordinates H, -3 and return to the Icy Worksite with the device you found in that location.

Dredge The Pale Reach Ice Shaper Pursuit

Dredge The Pale Reach Under the Ice Pursuit

This is probably the most complex Dredge The Pale Reach pursuit to complete, as there are several steps you need to follow. First, you will have to interact with the ice shard located in Central Camp, Western Bearing, Southern Locus, or Eastern Terminus in order to start this mission. Now, you will need to collect four ice axes located at coordinates J, -4; K, -4; F, -5; and G, -7. At this point, use the ice axes to break the ice shards found in the positions we indicated previously. Once this is done, go to coordinates K, -4 to interact with the frozen rock slab and insert four frozen hearts to complete the mission.

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Dredge The Pale Reach Figure in White Pursuit

To complete this Dredge The Pale Reach pursuit, you will need to go to the Bleak Pontoon, install the Radiant Trawl Net and then load up on Crab Pots. Then, head in the direction of coordinates K, -5 and interact with the camp on the shore to start the mission. To complete this assignment, you will need to bring three aberrations to the figure in white. To fish for the Aberrated Icefish, sail near the place where you placed the Radiant Trawl Net until you manage to catch one. As for the Aberrated Sea Stars, you will have to use as many crab pots near Central Camp as possible to catch one. Finally, to fish the Aberrated Stargazer, you will always have to sail near the Radiant Trawl Net area to fish one.

Dredge The Pale Reach pursuits

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