All Blood West Artifacts Explained

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All Blood West Artifacts Explained

In Blood West, there are several artifacts that you can find in the game world that can be useful to continue your adventure. The Blood West artifacts, in fact, are able to provide you with specific effects that you can use at certain times, perhaps in more difficult situations that you are having difficulty overcoming. For this reason, in this article, we will explain in detail the effects of all the Blood West artifacts present in the game.

All Blood West artifacts effects explained

In Blood West, there are 22 different types of artifacts that you can find and equip throughout your adventure. Some of them can only be used once, while others have no usage limit. Below, therefore, is the complete list of all Blood West artifacts:

  • Golden coin: The golden coin is an artifact that, once you equip it, will give you the ability to protect yourself from getting another soul flaw once you die. It can be exchanged for blessings at the Totem of Souls and can only be used once.
  • Feather: The feather allows you to increase the regeneration of your stamina by 25%; however, it will also have the penalty of lowering your maximum stamina by 10%. It is not possible to combine the effects of multiple feathers at the same time.
  • Acid gland: The acid gland allows you to increase your resistance to acids by 50%. As a con, however, it will reduce your max HP by 15%.
  • Watch: The watch is able to reduce time by 15% for one second every time you aim down the sights. However, keep in mind that this effect can be used every five seconds and is not stackable if you own multiple watches.
  • Playing card: This Blood West artifact allows you to increase your chances of obtaining loot from the monsters you kill during your adventure.
  • Ectoplasm: These are ghost remains that allow you to increase the chance that enemy ranged attacks miss by 20%.
  • Glove: The glove allows you to have an increased reload speed of 15%.
  • Shot coin: By equipping this artifact, every time you kill an enemy, it will give you 3 dollars.
  • Dead man's hand: Your maximum health will be increased by 15. However, the sneaking ability will be 25% less efficient.
  • Eyeballs: Eyeballs will allow you to increase the range of ranged attacks by 5 meters.
  • Necklace with fangs: Maximum stamina will be increased by 50% and sneaking will be 25% more efficient.
  • Vendigo heart: The Vendigo heart allows you to regenerate 1 HP for eight seconds, but reduces your maximum HP by 10%. Furthermore, if you have more than one of these Blood West artifacts, the effect is not cumulative.
  • Soul catcher: The soul catcher allows you to increase the maximum stamina by 50 but, as often happens, even in this case the effects are not cumulative.
  • Mystical scalp: The mystical scalp allows you to increase your max HP by 30%, but also increases the time and chance of bleeding by 25%. Furthermore, even in this case, the effects are not cumulative.
  • Calumet: This Blood West artifact gives you a 50% chance of missing spirit attacks.
  • Old faithful: If you equip this artifact and use revolvers, every time you score a headshot, you will regain 5% HP. Additionally, you will have 100% weapon sway when aiming, increase your range by 5 meters, and damage dealt will increase by 20%.
  • Second skin: This artifact allows you to increase your maximum stamina by 50, stamina regeneration increases by 50% and sneaking is 25% more efficient.
  • Death stalker's heart: The death stalker's heart allows you to regenerate 1 HP for 5 seconds, increases acid resistance by 30% and increases max HP by 15.
  • Corrupted brain: The corrupted brain allows you to increase the experience you will get by 25%. Keep in mind that in order to remove it, you will have to die or use a purple revival.
  • Heart medallion: The heart medallion allows you to increase healing effects by 50%. Even in this case, however, to be able to remove it, you will have to die or use a purple revival.
  • Chicken feet necklace: In case you decide to equip this artifact, keep in mind that ethereal enemies do not attack on their own. Furthermore, they will be able to deal 50% more damage, but by killing them you will get 200% more experience.
  • Tentacle cyst: This Blood West artifact allows you to increase your movement speed by 15% while in water. Additionally, it allows you to regenerate 1 HP for 10 seconds while in water, as well as increasing your stamina regeneration by 25%.
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Blood West artifacts can be found practically anywhere in the game world, in each of the three scenarios that make up the game's global map. Consequently, our advice is to explore each area thoroughly before proceeding to the next one, in order to minimize the chances of leaving something behind. As you can see from the explanations we have provided, some of these Blood West artifacts are really very useful and will certainly help you during your adventure, especially when you find yourself in the advanced stages of the game. For this reason, therefore, we recommend that you also dedicate time to exploration, in order to make the gaming experience easier.

Blood West Artifacts

All Blood West Artifacts Explained
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