All Albion Online Mounts – How They Work and List

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All Albion Online Mounts – How They Work and List

In Albion Online, you have the opportunity to choose a trusty steed that can accompany you on your adventures. Not only to make traveling from one area of the map to another faster, but also to be able to carry more objects or have greater protection in case you go into dangerous areas. But what are the Albion Online mounts?

In this article, therefore, we will explain in detail how mounts work in Albion Online and which ones are present in the game from which you can choose. Obviously, not all of them will be available from the start but you will have to meet some requirements to be able to get them.

Albion Online Mounts Explained

Mounts in Albion Online are animals you can ride. When you hop on a mount, you get its abilities along with your own. Each mount has different abilities, depending on what type it is and how good it is. These abilities include things like how much weight they can carry, how fast they can go, and how tough they are against different dangers. Mounts also have their own health and can heal themselves over time.

To ride certain mounts, however, players need to unlock specific skills on their character progression chart, called the destiny board. As players level up these skills, they can ride better and stronger mounts. It's like unlocking new levels in a game—the higher you go, the better the mounts you can ride. So, we advice you to do as many activities as possible to become a better adventurer and unlock even stronger mounts.

Albion Online Mounts



When you have to choose the steed that will accompany you during your adventure, there are several things to take into consideration. Don't get carried away only by the aesthetic question; you will have to carefully evaluate the attributes of each individual frame to choose the one that best suits your needs. But what are these attributes? Let's see them together.

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Max Load

Mounts in Albion Online have a key feature called max load. This feature increases how much stuff a player can carry. Max load can be a skill or an attribute on the mount. If it's a skill, it works like other skills on gear, giving the player more carrying capacity just by equipping the mount. But if it's an attribute, the player has to actually use the mount for it to work.

The skill that boosts max load is always called courier, and it works even if the mount is not actively being ridden. This means players can benefit from extra carrying capacity even when they're not mounted, like when they're walking around or inside dungeons. This system also adjusts the carrying capacity based on the strength of the mount, and it changes as players progress through different tiers of mounts. However, not all mounts can be enchanted, and some may not qualify for this max load bonus.


Many mounts in Albion Online have two kinds of speed boosts: regular speed boost and faster speed boosts when galloping. These boosts make players move faster. For instance, a 50% speed boost would make players move 1.5 times faster than normal.


With many mounts in Albion Online, players can unlock galloping by riding them for a certain time. This is called the “time until gallop” attribute. If a player gets hit while galloping, they slow down and the galloping stops. Then they have to wait for the galloping time to reset before they can do it again. However, some mounts, like lizards and mammoths, can't be slowed down by getting hit while galloping.

Albion Online Mounts

Mount Types

In Albion Online, you will not only have the opportunity to ride horses but also other animals. Obviously, each of them will have its own characteristics and peculiarities that will make your choice fall on one side rather than another. Let's see together what are the various types of frames that are present in Albion Online.

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  • Novice's Mule

Armored Horses

  • Expert's Armored Horse
  • Master's Armored Horse
  • Grandmaster's Armored Horse
  • Elder's Armored Horse

Battle Mounts

  • Siege Ballista
  • Flame Basilisk
  • Venom Basilisk
  • Elder's Command Mammoth

City Faction Mounts

  • Saddled Bighorn Ram
  • Saddled Greywolf
  • Saddled Moabird
  • Saddled Mystic Owl
  • Saddled Swamp Salamander
  • Saddled Wild Boar
  • Saddled Winter Bear
  • Elite Bighorn Ram
  • Elite Greywolf
  • Elite Night owl
  • Elite Terrorbird
  • Elite Swamp Salamander
  • Elite Wild Boar
  • Elite Winter Bear

Albion Online Mounts

Recruiter's Mounts

  • Recruiter's Giant Frog
  • Recruiter's Ram
  • Yule Ram
  • Recruiter's Saddled Bat
  • Recruiter's Toad
  • Recruiter's Moabird


  • Expert's Warhorse
  • Master's Warhorse
  • Grandmaster's Warhorse
  • Elder's Warhorse

Riding Horses

  • Journeyman's Riding Horse
  • Adept's Riding Horse
  • Expert's Riding Horse
  • Master's Riding Horse
  • Grandmaster's Riding Horse
  • Elder's Riding Horse


Transport Oxens

  • Journeyman's Transport Ox
  • Adept's Transport Ox
  • Expert's Transport Ox
  • Master's Transport Ox
  • Grandmaster's Transport Ox
  • Elder's Transport Ox

Adventurer's Challenge Mounts

  • Divine Owl
  • Frost Ram
  • Heretic Combat Mule
  • Morgana Raven
  • Gallant Horse
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Pest Lizard
  • Snow Husky
  • Spectral Bat
  • Spectral Direboar
  • Saddled Terrorbird
  • Black Panther

Albion Online Mounts

Other Mounts

  • Adept's Giant Stag
  • Swiftclaw
  • Direwolf
  • Moose
  • Saddled Direboar
  • Saddled Swamp Dragon
  • Avalonian Basilisk
  • Elder's Transport Mammoth
  • Saddled Direbear
  • Morgana Nightmare
  • Rageclaw
  • Spectral Bonehorse
  • Spring Cottontail
  • Caerleon Cottontail

Battle Mounts

  • Bronze Battle Rhino
  • Silver Ancient Ent
  • Silver Battle Eagle
  • Silver Battle Rhino
  • Silver Behemoth
  • Silver Colossus Beetle
  • Silver Goliath Horseeater
  • Silver Juggernaut
  • Silver Phalanx Beetle
  • Silver Roving Bastion
  • Silver Tower Chariot
  • Gold Ancient Ent
  • Gold Battle Eagle
  • Gold Battle Rhino
  • Gold Behemoth
  • Gold Colossus Beetle
  • Gold Goliath Horseeater
  • Gold Juggernaut
  • Gold Phalanx Beetle
  • Gold Roving Bastion
  • Gold Tower Chariot
  • Crystal Ancient Ent
  • Crystal Battle Eagle
  • Crystal Battle Rhino
  • Crystal Behemoth
  • Crystal Colossus Beetle
  • Crystal Goliath Horseeater
  • Crystal Juggernaut
  • Crystal Phalanx Beetle
  • Crystal Roving Bastion
  • Crystal Tower Chariot
All Albion Online Mounts – How They Work and List
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