Albion Online is Ready to Land in Europe and Middle East

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Albion Online is Ready to Land in Europe and Middle East

Albion Online is now available in Europe and the Middle East! You can play it on your computer, phone, or tablet, and it's totally free to sign up. This is the third server for the game, joining the ones in the Americas and Asia.

Albion Online: Everything You Need to Know

In Albion Online, you can fight other players and take their stuff. The economy is run by players, and you don't have to pick a specific class – you can change your abilities just by changing your gear. The game works on any device, and it's translated into fifteen languages. It first came out in North America in 2017, and now it's launching in Europe and the Middle East.

The European version of Albion Online is specially made for players in Europe and the Middle East. It's faster and has events at times that work well for them. Everyone starts on the same level, and you can build your own place in the game world. The European launch includes all the updates from the past seven years, like the recent “Foundations” update, which makes guild battles more exciting with new rules and defenses. There are also new items that give advantages to both attackers and defenders.

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Here's what the Albion Europe server offers:

  • Everyone starts on the same level in this fresh version of the game. You can claim your own part of Albion.
  • This server is completely separate from the ones in the US and Asia.
  • The connection is much faster for players in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Game events like battles and maintenance are scheduled to fit the region's time.
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Players can buy Albion Europe Founder Packs to celebrate the launch of the new server. These packs come in Dark and Light versions and include special outfits, Gold, Premium, and more. You can use the benefits of the Founder Packs on any of Albion Online's three servers.

Instead of following a straight path with set tasks, Albion Online lets you create your own adventures in many different ways. You can team up with friends and allies to conquer lands and fight big battles thanks to the strong guild, alliance, and faction systems. Gathering, making things, and trading are all important for Albion's economy, giving skilled and ambitious players fame and wealth.

Albion's vast world, with different environments on two huge continents, gives you lots of chances to explore and find new things. Whether you like playing alone or with others, there are plenty of PvE and PvP options for you.

Albion Online is Ready to Land in Europe and Middle East
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