Albion Online Classes Explained

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Albion Online Classes Explained

Albion Online is an MMO different from the others in many ways, one of which is related to classes. In fact, there are no real Albion Online classes, but each character draws their own characteristics and peculiarities from what they wear, so it is the builds that have greater importance in the game.

In this article, therefore, we will try to clarify this aspect, also because, in all honesty, a sort of classification is present in the game, even if not exactly in a standard way. If you have any doubts about this, luckily for you, you are in the right place.

Albion Online Classes Are Different from Other Games

Although Albion Online does not have a class distinction like in any other game of the genre, this does not mean that there is no way to classify characters. It's true that the developers have said that in the game “you are what you wear”, but there are also some specializations that you can take into account when talking about a concept similar to that of classes, namely Tank, DPS, and Support. Let's see together what it is.

Albion Online Classes


You're like the hero at the very front, standing strong like a wall, keeping your team safe from all the bad guys rushing in. Tanks might not hit hard, but they're tough and sturdy, like a fortress. They can shove enemies around and block them from getting to your pals.

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Hyper Tanks

These roles are the ones everyone needs in a team, but nobody really wants to play them. The main reason is because their damage is just a joke. They're like pooping out tiny bits of damage compared to the big hits others can dish out. But without them, the team would be in big trouble.


These tanks are usually the ones most folks go for. They've got some serious armor, for sure, but they're not completely useless when flying solo either. They can hold their own pretty well even without backup from the team.


These characters could be counted as DPS, but that category covers a whole bunch of things. Now, if you're not familiar with the term “Bruiser,” think of it as a blend of a Tank and a DPS. They're not the best at either job, but they have got one thing going for them: they can take a beating and keep on swinging. That's the real key to their success.

Albion Online Classes


You're the one who deals out the big hits. You're like the grim reaper, bringing in the cash for the team. While the Tank and the Support stick together all the time, you're off doing your own thing. You're all about dishing out serious damage, but you're not so great at taking hits yourself. This role is perfect for soloing MMO games too.

Melee DPS

These ones aren't as tough as the Bruiser, but they pack a serious punch. They dish out way more damage. In fact, they're probably the top dogs when it comes to hitting hard and fast. Their burst damage can be off the charts, making them a force to be reckoned with in the game.

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Ranged DPS

These guys are even squishier than the Melee DPS, but they make up for it with even more damage. They're like damage machines that keep on churning. In fact, they're likely the champions of consistent, long-lasting damage in the game. So while they might not survive as long in a fight, they sure know how to dish it out over time.

Magic DPS

Out of the three DPS types, magic users are clearly the least tough. But they're super versatile. They can do a whole bunch of stuff, like crowd control, dealing damage, and even boosting allies or messing with enemies. They're like a Swiss Army knife, with a tool for every situation.


You're the team's lifeline. You're like the doctor, the one keeping everyone in your group from biting the dust. Usually, it's the Tank who needs your help the most if they're doing their job right. While the Tank is busy soaking up damage, you're the one dishing out those sweet, sweet heals to keep them going strong.


The most wanted player in any party, and for good reason. You're the one who keeps everyone alive when there's some trouble.


Here's a rare one with a fancy name, but not many folks know about it, and even fewer give it a shot. You're all about messing up enemies to make them easier to take down. It's like you're sabotaging their plans, hence the name “Saboteur.”

Thanks to Osmiux on Steam for this classification.

Albion Online Classes Explained
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