Alan Wake 2 Will Have Slower Fights, According to Remedy

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Alan Wake 2 Will Have Slower Fights, According to Remedy

Remedy Entertainment has made new statements regarding its new game to be released on October 17 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC: Alan Wake 2. According to what was revealed by the software house, the second chapter of the series will have slower fights than the first one, thus preferring the more narrative and survival part over the action one as happened in Alan Wake.

Alan Wake 2 will concentrate on plot and survival

Statements regarding this new gameplay mechanic were made by lead writer Sam Lake, in an interview granted to PLAY Magazine and published in issue #29. This gameplay choice was dictated by the fact that the developers decided to change the genre with the release of Alan Wake 2 and focus more on survival horror instead of action as happened in the first chapter. To succeed in this aim, therefore, Remedy has decided to make the fights of the game more significant. Here is what Sam Lake himself said:

“The first game was an action-adventure. It had horror elements, but it was an action-adventure. whole experience. Deciding to go survival horror for the sequel makes a lot of sense, with less fighting and a slower pace, because it allowed us to do more and be more ambitious with the story.”

In conclusion, if you missed the announcement, we remind you that Alan Wake Remastered, the rejuvenated version of the first chapter of the series, is among the free games that all PS Plus subscribers will be able to redeem for the month of July. What not a good occasion if not this one to recover the game in case you haven't played it yet? Pending the release of the second chapter, you can certainly decide to opt for this, so you will be able to compare them and see if the strategy adopted by the software house will prove successful or not.

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Alan Wake 2 Will Have Slower Fights, According to Remedy
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